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ADO collection

ado collection 5

ado collection 1

Mizumori Ado is famous illustrator & performer from 70s!
I went to her kawaii & sexy girls exhibition.

ado collection 2

ado collection 3

ado collection 4

Lot of hearts & flowers with her girls. :)

Ado Mizumori (Japanese)

Oversized tops from Tsumori Chisato

takakos closet

oversized tops tsumori

I got a oversized tops from Tsumori Chisato.

oversized tops tsumori2

oversized tops tsumori 3

The lace cat-shaped ruffled front tops looks very simple but there are some charming details if you take a closer look.
You feel utterly cozy to wear it all the time.

Tsumori Chisato

Peter Rabbit stamp sheets

prabbit stamp 1

I got Peter Rabbit stamp sheets, these are cute enough and easy to use – each stamps are stickers.

peter rabbit stamp 2

peter rabbit stamp 3

This year is 40th anniversary that these picture books translated to Japanese.

Peter Rabbit Stamp Sheet (Japanese)

Zip Hoodie with String Logo from MILK FED

takakos closet

zip hoodie milkfed 1

I got this lovely girl’s hoodie from MILK FED.
This lightweight hoodie is great for lunch with friends or just hanging out.

zip hoodie milkfed 2

There are pretty string stitches on the chest and the on the left cuff.


Toppo Amao

toppo amao 1

Amao is a kind of big, sweet, and very red strawberry.
Laterst Toppo images that flavor.

toppo amao 2

Cute pink chocolate in the Toppo pretzels.

Toppo (Japanese)

Light Plaid Shirt Dress from MILK FED

takakos closet

light plaid milkfed 1

light plaid milkfed 3

This is a Light Plaid Shirt Dress from MILK FED.
A lovely cotton red/blue plaid dress would be a delight as a new spring outfit.

light plaid milkfed 2

The dress is embroidered with “MILK FED”logo on the back. Sooo cute!!


BIO cafe

biocafe 1

BIO cafe is the cafe for beauty & health.
They use organic vagetables. soy milk, genmai or miscellaneous cereals.

biocafe 2

biocafe 3

I chose “reset course” for dinner.

biocafe 4

Their vage-meat was really good! :9

biocafe 5

BIO cafe (Japanese)

Big bow print tops from Tsumori Chisato

takakos closet

big bow top tsumori 1

big bow top tsumori 3

I got a big bow embellishment tops from Tsumori Chisato.
An oversized bow is the centerpiece of this tops.

big bow top tsumori 2

I love the chiffon ruffles run down on the right side.

Tsumori Chisato


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