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Only Free Paper

only free paper

I found really unique “shop” when I walk around Cat Street near Shibuya.
The shop is not a shop… it’s for free newspapers, free magazines, & freesheets.
(“free paper” is Japanglish for all of these)

only free paper

I got some of these for free ;)

only free paper (Japanese)

Kagami mochi Chocolate from Tirol chocolate.

kagami mochi Chocolate from Tirol chocolate

I remember that I posted Kagami mochi “Japanese traditional new year decoration” before.
This time,I’d love to introduce Kagami mochi Chocolate from Tirol chocolate.

Kagami mochi Chocolate from Tirol chocolate

Kagami mochi Chocolate from Tirol chocolate

There are many Tirol chocolate cubes that are individually wrapped with various designs inside of the Kagami mochi shaped container.

Kagami mochi Chocolate from Tirol chocolate

It’s fun to decorate it and also could be a gift that makes people happy.

Tirol Chocolate
kagami mochi – wikipedia
kagami mochi

A Year-end short trip to Kyoto-Arashiyama: 1st day part 2

Kyoto Arashiyama 1

We’ve stayed at HOSHINOYA Kyoto (ryokan) in Arashiyama.

Kyoto Arashiyama 1

Kyoto Arashiyama 1

We took a taxi from Kyoto station to Togetsukyo Bridge where was the HOSHINOYA Kyoto Boat Landing place.
A 15 to 20 minutes boat ride on the Oigawa River with the staff took us to the HOSHINOYA Kyoto.
We felt like that we’ve time-tripped to the ancient time while floating on the river.


A Year-end short trip to Kyoto-Arashiyama: 1st day part 1

kyoto arashiyama 1

My friend and I made a short trip to Arashiyama in Kyoto.
Before we took a Shinkansen (Bullet Train) from Tokyo station to Kyoto, we got the Obentou (lunch boxes) at KINOKUNIYA entree GRANSTA DINING of the Tokyo station.

We got “Kastu-bento” and ” Nori-bento”with tea.

“Kastu-bento” is mainly a pork cutlet with rice, and there are some steamed vegetables and a sweet for dessert.
Pork cutlet is very tasty and juicy. I have an increased appetite because of the flavor of the fry with special sauce. It made me full.

kyoto arashiyama 1

“Nori-bento” is a very basic bento in Japan.
As you can see the photo, it is a very simple bento that the ingredients are salmon, rice, nori seaweed with soy sauce, fried chicken in Japanese style and boiled veritable. It is very tasty, also it is healthy because it is low in calories.



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