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Happy Valentine’s day!! (Special Feature:Valentine Sweets 2011 part3)

happy valentines day 3_1

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our wonderful readers!!

happy valentines day 3_2

These lovely Piggies “The Pig of Happiness” are free gift from Matsuya Ginza department store.
You can get it when you buy chocolates at the valentine’s chotolate section.

happy valentines day 3_3

happy valentines day 3_4

This is a wonderful box of chocolates from Frederic Cassel.
You will find the stripe one”Helena Abricot” that chocolate and apricots go together and making a great harmony.

happy valentines day 3_5

“Palet Chateau” is a luscious chocolate ganache that you can enjoy a blissful moment.

Frederic Casse

ita-sha art


Itasha is the name of decorated car by bishojo anime or manga characters.
Interesting but too brave to ride on the street… ita means painful, sha means car.


These photos are at Laforet Harajuku, artwork by Tomoyuki Sakaguchi – great CG fantasy itasha!

itasha – Wikipedia
Tomoyuki Sakaguchi itasha – his portfolio

A Year-end short trip to Kyoto-Arashiyama: 2nd day part4

kyoto arashiyama 7_1

Dinner at HIROKAWA (Unagi-eels restaurant):

kyoto arashiyama 7_5

kyoto arashiyama 7_2

We had “shira-yaki”( grilled Unagi without sauce. Put little soy-sauce and wasabi.) “hoso-umaki”(It is rolled in egg crapes with Unagi with sauce),

kyoto arashiyama 7_3

kyoto arashiyama 7_4

“koi-no-arai” (sashimi of Carp) and “unaju” (grilled eel with sauce over rice) with “aka-dashi” (miso-soup).
We had enjoyed the delicious and tender in the inside of the eel. Also, eels are often said that they make us to enhance stamina.
HIROKAWA (Japanese)

A Year-end short trip to Kyoto-Arashiyama: 2nd day part3

kyoto arashiyama 6_1

kyoto arashiyama 6_2

We had a break at a cafe of SAGANO-YU where was renovated public bath because it was freezing cold outside.

kyoto arashiyama 6_3

kyoto arashiyama 6_4

We had pancakes with butter and maple syrup and a cup of latte.
They made us very happy. The moist and soft pancakes were very good not only the appearance but also the taste.
SAGANO-YU (Japanese)

Japanese lolly with plum from Muji

muji lolly

The simple candy is made from sugar & water, like homemade one.
And the toppings are freeze-dry umeboshi plums.
Sour & salty fruit really goes with sweet candy. I love this ;)

Japanese lolly with plum (Muji – Japanese)
umeboshi – Wikipedia

Henri Charpentier

henri charpentier

I went to beautiful Henri Charpentier’s cafe in Ginza.

henri charpentier

Me & my friend had Valentine’s Day special cake, Esprit Rouge & Chic Noir.

henri charpentier

You’ll go down a staircase to the cafe… and the bookshelves has secrets.
If you wish to know, please ask a shopgirl like “I wish to touch up my makeup” ;)

Henri Charpentier (Japanese)

Toshihippo chocolate (Special Feature:Valentine Sweets 2011 part2)

toshihippo chocolate 4

toshihippo chocolate 1

The cute Toshihippo chocolates are from acclaimed pastry chef Toshi Yoroizuka.
The Toshihippo is a whimsical molded hippopotamus will bring a big smile and satisfaction.

toshihippo chocolate 3

toshihippo chocolate 5

Dark chocolate Toshihippo contains a mouthwatering praline which is made from chocolate blended with ground roasted and caramelised hazelnuts.
Milk chocolate Toshihippo contains sweet-and-sour wild strawberries.

toshihippo chocolate 2

I’m sure the lovely Toshihippo is the perfect Valentine’s gift.
Toshi Yoroizuka (Japanese)

Bon Bonne Anniversary (Special Feature:Valentine Sweets 2011 part1)

bon bonne anniversary 2

This is a “deco Chocolat” box from Bon Bonne Anniversary.

bon bonne anniversary 1

bon bonne anniversary 3

These are lovely and unique decorated French chocolate:the flavor of milk and caramel.
The chocolate with icing in fun colors and flavors make everyone smile.

anniversary (Japanese)


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