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La Maison du Chocolat (Special Feature:Valentine Sweets 2011 part7)

happy valentines day 7_6

happy valentines day 7_4

happy valentines day 7_5

I went to the boutique and the temporary cafe of La Maison du Chocolat at Matsuya Ginza department store in Tokyo, and I got an autograph for my sister and for myself from Gilles Marchal”Creative Director of La Maison du Chocolat”.
He was very nice and charming.

happy valentines day 7_1

happy valentines day 7_2

happy valentines day 7_3

The chocolate box named Heart of Ganache, Gilles Marchal’s musings on love, unveiled in these surprising chocolate ganaches…
They are…Just like heaven!!

La Maison du Chocolat

Laderach chocolate (Special Feature:Valentine Sweets 2011 part6)

happy valentines day 6_1

happy valentines day 6_3

A Lovable Honey bee and a Red flower are from Laderach.
A Honey bee chocolate is including honey with almond chips and the Red flower is a strawberry flavored praline chocolate.

happy valentines day 6_2

The chocolate and honey combination is lovely which makes soft and smooth blend.
I love chocolate and honey.Happy eating.


Tokyo snow

tokyo snowing 1

It’s not often snowing at Tokyo.
The day was Valentine’s day…

tokyo snowing 2

I made tiny snow cats & rabbit.
Sometimes Tokyo snow signals the end of winter.

snowing in Shibuya – Shibuya keizai shinbun (Japanese)

Hana Tegami (flower letter)

hana tegami 01

The service for mailing flowers, winner of the “2010 Good Design Prize”, awarded only for outstanding design.
You can send a single fresh flower with a message of 100 characters.
No one expects to find flowers in their mailbox, so the recipients of the flowers are always surprised.

hana tegami 02

These flowers are also fresh, and last for 2 weeks.

Hana Tegami

Nostalgic Akiba

old akiba

What do you remind from the word “Akiba (Akihabara)”?
Newest electric things? High spec Computers? Tons of games? Geeky girls’ figure? Maid-cafe?

old akiba

old akiba

All of these are right, and there’s some old style small shops are still open.
The shops were established maybe… 30 or more years ago.
Almost of these are electric specialty shop. Some has rare Showa parts, some has latest parts.

old akiba

old akiba

Feels like lost in time and place, or playing in imaginary Kowloon.

Akihabara Radio Center
Akihabara – Wikipedia

Pierre Marcolini (Special Feature:Valentine Sweets 2011 part5)

Pierre Marcolini

These are fancy Boxed Chocolates and Truffles from Pierre Marcolini.
The one which is printed Pierre Marcolini’s name is awesome. “72% cocoa content, combination of beans from the Venezuelan regions Sur de Lago, Carenero and Rio Caraibe” bitter ganache just melted away on my tongue.

Pierre Marcolini

This nice-looking box of chocolates makes your chocolate-loving friends and lovers happy and feel heaven!

Pierre Marcolini

Cafe Asan

cafe Asan

Cafe Asan is in Suehiro-cho, 1 station (but you can walk easily) from Akihabara.

cafe Asan

If you walk along the railroad tracks, suddenly neat white wall place appears.
This is 2k540. In there, cute zakka shops, designer offices, & food places.

cafe Asan

You can try to sit on hammock, use free WiFi, try unique flavored drinks and Japanese-asian foods at Cafe Asan.

Cafe Asan
2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN (Japanese)

BON BON BON RISBON (Special Feature:Valentine Sweets 2011 part4)



The lovely chocolate squirrel is a chocolate bon-bon including scotch whisky “ISLAY MIST” from SEIBU department store.

This BON BON with a tasty cashew nut in the squirrel tail is simply irresistible. I’m sure the sweet and adorable chocolate relaxes you with a cup of tea.


SEIBU Ikebukuro


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