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Plaid Shirt part 3

takakos closet

Plaid Shirt part 3

I got this Oversized Plaid Shirt from Gelato pique. Gelato pique is a popular brand for housedress which designs colorful and sweet comfortable stretchy clothing.

Plaid Shirt part 3

I will try to make this comfy plaid shirt stylish with some skinnies and boots.

Gelato pique (japanese)

Mikado Coffee

mikado coffee 4

mikado coffee 1

A beautiful colored momiji leaves came into view with coffee scent.

mikado coffee 2

We had cup of coffee and a soft serve dessert.

mikado coffee 3

Pour espresso on soft serve and sweet red bean paste. It was like Italian dolce, Affogato. yum :9

Mikado Coffee shops (Japanese)



The popular Japanese Idol group ARASHI have donated copies of their book, which is not available for purchase, to around 40,000 elementary and middle schools across Japan. As the book is not available in the shops there have been floods of enquiries, it is difficult to find even in school libraries due to the large number of reservations that have been made. All five members of ARASHI chose a destination that they would like to visit, and their experiences are featured in the book.


The leader Satoshi Ohno visited Aomori and talked with Yoshitomo Nara, he also tried his hand at the traditional embroidery of Aomori “KOGIN.


Sho Sakurai visited Nara’s tea plantations and tried tea picking. He interviewed a young 25 year old farmer, and in the article compares the farmer’s ambition, with the meaning behind his own work. Nino, who loves video games, visited the headquarters of Nintendo. The members each visited their favorite locations, and enjoyed their favorite activities, through these experiences the book helps to show students who are uncertain about their future, that there are many different paths available to them, it is a very impressive book.

Nippon no Arashi (tokyohive)

Sweet display at Junie Moon

Junie Moon

Aww, Junie Moon is closed on Monday and I went there that day.

Junie Moon

But I could enjoy watching sweet Blythe display. Not only Blythe dolls, “Otome-Kokeshi” are really cute too!

Junie Moon

Junie Moon

Plaid Shirt part 2

takakos closet

Plaid Shirt part 2

I got this plaid shirt from FREE’S MART. The shirt in blue & gray plaid with breast pockets is easy to wear. Plaid shirts are so great for anyday of the week.

Plaid Shirt part 2

FREE’S MART (japanese)

Romis meets 8tote


The 8tote exhibition and sales event ”Romis meets 8tote” will be held from the 10th to the 24th of December at ”tote cafe”, managed by ”Romis”, the boutique loved by all the fashionable girls in Taipei.

Romis meets 8tote2

8tote’s Nori and Yui are coming from Tokyo to meet the Romis fans, and everyone in Taipei! Come and meet them at the tote cafe on the 10th and 11th.

Romis meets 8tote3

Romis meets 8tote4

There will be an opening party at tote cafe on the 10th from 5pm to 7pm, everyone is welcome! Please come and enjoy tote cafe’s tasty food and drinks, and souvenir snacks from Tokyo.We will be sending more information about ”Romis meets 8tote”!Have a good weekend everyone!

Romis web
Romis Facebook
8tote.com Facebook

Bear cosmetic pouch and a bag charm from Plush&Lush

takakos closet

Bear cosmetic pouch and a bag charm from Plush&Lush

Plush&Lush collaborated with CRAFT HOLIC to release a cosmetic pouch and a bag charm. FREE’S SHOP produces street fashions with the essence of culture,the sophisticated luxury of mode. CRAFTHOLIC is a brand which offers interior fabrics & lifestyle products.

Bear cosmetic pouch and a bag charm from Plush&Lush

The back of the cosmetic pouch is soft plaid boa with a bow, and the back of the bag charm was arranged with a flower pattern.These are adorable! I love the fabrics.The combination is lovely and elegant. I can clip the charm on a backpack, clasp it to a bag…

plush & lush (japanese)
FREE’S SHOP (japanese)

Poteco & Nagewa got Santa hats

poteco & nagewa

Poteco & Nagewa are Tohato’s famous potato snacks. Now the package changes to holiday season version.

poteco & nagewa

“Hand” characters of these snacks got Santa hats and mustache. ho ho ho!

Poteco & Nagewa – Tohato (Japanese)


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