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Bear cosmetic pouch and a bag charm from Plush&Lush

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Bear cosmetic pouch and a bag charm from Plush&Lush

Plush&Lush collaborated with CRAFT HOLIC to release a cosmetic pouch and a bag charm. FREE’S SHOP produces street fashions with the essence of culture,the sophisticated luxury of mode. CRAFTHOLIC is a brand which offers interior fabrics & lifestyle products.

Bear cosmetic pouch and a bag charm from Plush&Lush

The back of the cosmetic pouch is soft plaid boa with a bow, and the back of the bag charm was arranged with a flower pattern.These are adorable! I love the fabrics.The combination is lovely and elegant. I can clip the charm on a backpack, clasp it to a bag…

plush & lush (japanese)
FREE’S SHOP (japanese)

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posted by Patty , 12月 8, 2010 21:42:55 (Tokyo) :

The grey bear charm is so adorable!


posted by gen , 12月 9, 2010 1:59:43 (Tokyo) :

hi there, due to my limited japanese i am not able to find further information on where and how much these cost. Will you be able to help me? I’ll be going to Tokyo this close to end of dec and would like to purchase this!

Hope you hear from you soon!

Thank you.

With regards,


posted by Michiko , 2月 13, 2011 9:56:09 (Tokyo) :

Hawooo!!! This is very cute and adorable! I would just like to know where you may have bought this. Also do you think it may be available in pink? Thank you very much and I love this blog very much!~

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