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Heart blouse from TSUMORI CHISATO

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Heart blouse from TSUMORI CHISATO

I got a silk gingham blouse from TSUMORI CHISATO.

Heart blouse from TSUMORI CHISATO

The heart of gingham blouse makes a lovely accent which completes adorable look. It makes me cheerful at all times.

Tsumori Chisato
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posted by Patty , 10月 30, 2010 7:09:16 (Tokyo) :

I like it!
It’s so lovely and looks confortable ^^


posted by Shóre , 10月 31, 2010 0:20:08 (Tokyo) :

Hello! I’ve been following your blog for quite the while now, and I feel like I just have to ask…Is there a special reason you’re always buying Tsumori Chisato things? Don’t you ever buy clothes from other brands? Or do you just want to blog about the Tsumori Chisato ones? I’m sorry if this question is too personal, I’m just really curious. :-)


posted by takako , 11月 1, 2010 18:28:39 (Tokyo) :

Thanks for the comments.

Your comments always mean so much to us and please know that your comments are always welcome!

Thank you so much for following our blog.
Well, I don’t think that I have any special reasons to get Tsumori things…just because I luv them. that’s all.

Marc Jacobs is also my favorite designer and especially, have an addiction to his pretty nylon tote which you can find them a lot in this blog. lol

Other fav brands are Paul & Joe Sister,Milk Fed,FREE’S SHOP…You’ll see all of them here too.


posted by Shóre , 11月 2, 2010 0:54:55 (Tokyo) :

Thank you for repying and for giving your point of view to my curious question. :-)

I’ll keep a look-out for your posts of other brands! Don’t know how they escaped me, I was distracted by all the sweets! Nah, just kidding.

Btw, when you say “our” blog, who does that refer to? I’M SORRY FOR YET ANOTHER PERSONAL QUESTION. I just feel like i might as well take the opportunity and ask. :-D


posted by 8tokyo , 11月 2, 2010 11:38:11 (Tokyo) :

Fans of TSUMORI CHISATO not only include takako but also all of us, the staff. takako buys and blogs about it the most so it only looks like she’s the only one buying. A lot of TSUMORI’s clothes really show that it is a very Japanese brand. TSUMORI CHISATO is a highly respected designer and she is always an inspiration for girls in Japan.

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