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OZ magazine

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“OZ magazine” is full of local Tokyo information, art and travel information, and more. The topic of this month’s edition is “sweets” (“oyatsu” in Japanese.) In Japan, 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. “tea time” is called “oyatsu time.”

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There is lots of information about the newest cute sweet shops in Tokyo, as well as information about mail-order sweets from all over the country. It’s hard to decide which sweets to try, or where to go to buy them!

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You can buy the ipad version from the Japanese app store.

OZ magazine (japanese)
Digital magazine download (japanese)

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posted by Patty , 9月 1, 2010 7:25:10 (Tokyo) :

This magazine seems really interesting! :D
Love sweets!


posted by amy , 9月 1, 2010 19:48:36 (Tokyo) :

oh i love this magazine. my friends brought it back for me one time and i fell in love with it. i’m excited to try the digital version. Thanks for sharing ^__^


posted by nana , 9月 7, 2010 19:27:54 (Tokyo) :

after seeing this post, i decided i wanted to buy OZ magazine – i got the travel version in stead! i loved it! i’ll get the regular version next time i think

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