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Kyoto international manga museum

Kyoto international manga museum1

Kyoto international manga museum2

This is the place I like the most in Kyoto! We renovated a closed school building for making this museum. Therefore, we use classrooms as manga exhibition rooms.

Kyoto international manga museum4

Kyoto international manga museum3

In this museum you can read manga freely as you want! Some read manga in a hallway. Others lie back and read manga on a tatami mat. You can also sit reading manga on the terrace or on the lawn.

Kyoto international manga museum5

This museum holds a workshop for drawing manga and painting anime figures. We also invite a manga celebrity for a talk show. Here is the place we can enjoy ourselves whenever we visit. I want to live in here if possible!

Kyoto international manga museum

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posted by Marie , 8月 6, 2010 21:57:33 (Tokyo) :

Okey, now I want to go to Japan even more. But it’s so expencieve with the flight! GRR.


posted by Patty , 8月 7, 2010 1:26:26 (Tokyo) :

OMG! This is a dream…read manga as much you want!!!
Only in Japan unfortunately! T.T
But someday I’ll be there, reading lots of mangas! :D


posted by Barbs , 9月 19, 2010 2:15:25 (Tokyo) :

I would love to visit this museum some day. It looks so fun and with good athmosphere :)


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