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8tokyo.com Meetup in Singapore 2nd April (Fri)


Great news, everybody in Singapore!!
We will be in Singapore next week. Let’s have a meetup!

fugeiten-by-fugeiten.jpgA successful meetup requires good people, good conversation, and good cakes. I think we can manage all three, don’t you?

And we plan to bring lots of kawaii Tokyo souvenirs!!

(photo: at Fugeiten ,Venice,CA US Aug 2008)

Friday, April 2nd, is what we are planning. We will meet at 2:00 PM at Oomphatico’s. We’ve made a reservation for about 15, so please sound off in the comments if you plan to join us. but need to know as soon as possible to do so.



8tokyo.com Meetup in Singapore

DAY:2nd April(FRI)
Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Location:Oomphatico’s ,163 Tanglin Road, #01-03 & 01-35/36 Tanglin Mall, Singapore‎ – 6733 9088
FREE DRINK & CAKE with Tokyo souvenirs

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Please, fill out this form (in English). We’ll re-send email for invitation.We are looking forward to meeting y’all!

So sorry!!!!!!!!!!!! Singapore!!!!!
Many Many 8tokyo.com readers in Singapore have subscribed for the meetup.
Thank you so much! Now closed!

We’ll re-send invitation email to guests by this Thursday.

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posted by Inaya , 3月 21, 2010 15:05:10 (Tokyo) :

JELOUS!! Have fun!


posted by michelle , 3月 21, 2010 17:55:18 (Tokyo) :

is there age limit to meet you guys? LOLZ


posted by Yamada , 3月 21, 2010 18:18:09 (Tokyo) :

Hello michelle
no limmit! Everybody likes Japanese kawaii things !! \(^_^=^_^)/


posted by Kiyora , 3月 21, 2010 18:19:19 (Tokyo) :

WOW! What a surprise! I have been a faithful fan since I do not know when… =P can’t wait to meet all you!


posted by colette , 3月 21, 2010 19:47:01 (Tokyo) :

it is a great and pleasant surprise to learn you are coming to Singapore soon! i look forward to meeting you at the event! :)


posted by ryan@abigail*ryan , 3月 22, 2010 1:58:58 (Tokyo) :

OMG! How much would I love to be in singapore for the meet-up?!! Have a fantastic time, everyone! :)


posted by Diyana , 3月 22, 2010 3:24:31 (Tokyo) :

Marking it in my calendar! Looking forward to it~


posted by Addie , 3月 22, 2010 5:18:36 (Tokyo) :

If only I was in Singapore, I love this site and I want to meet everyone ;3;

Please come to USA one day (Texas specifically~~) :D


posted by Michelle , 3月 22, 2010 11:22:45 (Tokyo) :

Whoa! I wish I could go over to Singapore then.

Will there be a chance that you will do a meet-up in Malaysia?


posted by Wendy , 3月 22, 2010 16:43:34 (Tokyo) :

Wow! Have fun everyone.
hope to see you guys soon at sydney xoxo


posted by sher , 3月 22, 2010 21:10:19 (Tokyo) :

please come to melbourne!!!!


posted by ayako , 3月 22, 2010 21:34:33 (Tokyo) :

please please,
add me in for the meetup !!!!!! *__*


posted by Heather , 3月 22, 2010 21:52:27 (Tokyo) :

I’m so disappointed ! I would have love to meet the guys behind my favourite blogspot ! :(


posted by radiantb , 3月 23, 2010 12:16:24 (Tokyo) :

I was so surprised to hear you’re coming to town. A friend and I would really like to meet up with you. It’s sad to hear that you’ve closed the invitation, any chances for a 2nd round?


posted by katie , 3月 24, 2010 2:28:11 (Tokyo) :

Please come to HK next time! ^^


posted by Apple , 3月 24, 2010 18:11:49 (Tokyo) :

i want to go please….please open some slots again… i love this blog and would love to meet you guys…. :(


posted by Fernista , 3月 24, 2010 19:02:27 (Tokyo) :

plz come over to Bangkok^_^


posted by ayang cempaka , 3月 24, 2010 20:00:22 (Tokyo) :

awww..too bad, i’m still in dubai and got plan to move to singapore in June.
Singapore again after June, maybe? haha
enjoy the meet up!


posted by ym , 3月 24, 2010 23:43:03 (Tokyo) :

can i just drop by to have a look & buy the souvenirs?


posted by Serene , 3月 25, 2010 1:47:57 (Tokyo) :

Oh no I can’t believe I missed this!! Do add me up if there’s more slots open! :(


posted by Olivia , 3月 31, 2010 15:42:24 (Tokyo) :

Oh wow! What a great idea! Are you coming to Sydney for a similar event?


posted by lay yong , 3月 31, 2010 17:22:45 (Tokyo) :

i’m a week late but… can’t i just GO? xD


posted by Stacey , 4月 3, 2010 12:00:25 (Tokyo) :

oh dear i missed it! i only saw this today. :( any chances of another meetup in Singapore?

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