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BODY WILD Under wave

BODY WILD Under wave

BODY WILD is the brand of Gunze.

BODY WILD Under wave

Recently they opened a specialty shop of undies.

BODY WILD Under wave

BODY WILD Under wave

The cool building was designed by Tadao Ando.
You can choose from pantone colors, designers & artists designed,or order your own “customized pants” by Mac.

BODY WILD Under wave

BODY WILD Under wave

BODY WILD Under wave

BODY WILD (Japanese)
The report of the shop – Nikkei Trendy Net (Japanese)
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posted by Patty , 3月 3, 2010 5:58:02 (Tokyo) :

It’s pretty creative!
I want to go to Japan soon!!!!


posted by jsim , 3月 6, 2010 13:26:24 (Tokyo) :

Hi this used to be a Nike shop that custom-made shoes rite? Now it custom-made undies, interesting! Will chk it out next time I visit tky :)


posted by Isaac Vigil , 3月 11, 2010 10:03:45 (Tokyo) :

I wanna buy these !
Next time I’m going to Harajuku, I’ll check’em
Thanks for the info and the great blog !!!!


posted by CUSTOM YOUR UNDERWEAR › tshirtlife.net , 3月 11, 2010 13:42:06 (Tokyo) :

[...] VIA 8TOKYO [...]


posted by an wouters , 11月 7, 2010 20:53:56 (Tokyo) :

We just returned from Tokio. We bought one of these fantastic undies and guess what, it is marvelous to wear. As we live in Belgium, it is quite impossible to go and buy some others. Is there a possibility to buy them by internet?

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