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rose family sweets – Gin no Budo

rose family sweets - Gin no Budo

“Rose family sweets” is made of damask rose scented chocolate covered thin cookies with raspberry cream.

rose family sweets - Gin no Budo

This is the reason of the sweets name, rose and raspberry belonging in the rose family. Gorgeous and flowery, packages are also beautiful!

rose family sweets (bara ka no okashi) – Gin no budo (japanese)

soramame stamp ink

soramame stamp ink - DIY 1

I made my original rubber stamps, but never used…
Last week when I went to muji, the shop gave me tiny bags for freebie.

soramame stamp ink - DIY 2

Soramame stamp ink can use for paper, cloth, leather and terra-cotta.
It’s a chance for DIY freebie bag!
Put the stamp, dry some time, and iron it.

soramame stamp ink - DIY 3

It’s really easy and fun!

Versacraft Fabrico Maker – Tsukineko (japanese)
(Soramame is one of the line-up of the products)

juchheim baumkuchen

juchheim baumkuchen

juchheim is one of the long-established patisserie in Japan, famous for baumkuchen.

juchheim baumkuchen

Every year, I’m waiting for selling Christmas limited packages.

juchheim baumkuchen

yup, baumkuchen is always same, but what’s the matter when it’s delicious? ;)

juchheim (japanese)
Christmas Baumkuchen Turm (japanese)

cat clips from Muji

cat clips

Cat shaped paper clips from Muji.

cat clips

Not lazy as real cats, they work well. A cat can fasten 10 copy papers!

Steel gem clip neko (cat) – Muji net store (ships Japan Only)
MUJI Global

K-SHOCK stitched by Makoto Ozu


Cross stitch artist, Makoto Ozu invented hand made watch named as K-SHOCK.
K-SHOCK made with knitting wool. “K” is as same prpnounciation as wool in Japanese.


Ozu is amazing artist for unique cross stich pattern. He stitches on note book and partation bord.



Hop Stitch Jump
my stitch book

Q-pot. crown charm for…

Q-pot. crown 1

Who left the cute tiny crown carved Q?

Q-pot. crown 2

Yay, ghost Q got this! It’s from latest Q-pot collection “Dreamy Egg”, but ghost Q for Halloween can wear the crown too.

Q-pot (japanese)
“”Dreamy Egg” Q-pot 2009 winter (japanese)

Tory Burch Ginza store soft opening

Tory Burch ginza

Tory Burch’s first free-standing boutique in Japan is coming to Ginza(Google Maps). The boutique will be opening later this month. But for those who can’t wait, the store is having a soft opening since December 8th.


We went there to get an exclusive, limited edition Ginza Tote. When you purchase the tote, there may be a “golden ticket” inside that will give you access to a private VIP party on December 17th. We couldn’t get it. But there is a chance you can win!

And also, The store clerk let me know that there will be a meet-and-greet at the store on December 16th where you can meet Tory Burch from 6-8 p.m. Anyone can attend and meet the designer face-to-face.

Meet Tory Burch at Her New Ginza Flagship
December 16th, 2009
6pm – 8pm
Tory Burch Flagship
5-5-18 Ginza Chuo-Ku
Tokyo 104-0061


Anyway, where the party will take place ??

Tory Burch
Google Maps

Tsumori Chisato Heart Bangle

Tsumori Chisato Heart Bangle

Tsumori Chisato’s latest heart motif unique bangle.
It was made of clear gray acrylic resin, filled with glitters.

Tsumori Chisato Heart Bangle

Big and not very useful indeed, but isn’t it cute enough?

A-net Tsumori Chisato (japanese)


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