cruising girls combing for something sparkle in Tokyo

Travel to Miyajima 5

Travel to Miyajima 5

We had a great dinner at the hotel in Miyajima.

Travel to Miyajima 5

A plate of sashimi (slices of raw fish),

Travel to Miyajima 5

the Anago’s shiro-yaki (whitely baked, only baked with some salt),

Travel to Miyajima 5

fried vegetables and seafoods and more…

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posted by Dorota , 11月 30, 2009 18:07:01 (Tokyo) :

Watashi wa Dorota de Po-rando ni sundeimasu. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

Hello! I’m Dorota from Poland.
Your website is the one of my favorites.
I really love Japan, japanese culture and it’s really nice to find out something new about Japan from your website.
I was in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima (also Miyajima) september 2009. It was so great. I’m going to come to Japan next year. I’m thinking about japanese language course in Osaka because I really want to speak japanese fluently so you know it’s really good idea to learn language in Japan^^

Miyajima – I really love this beautiful island, a lot of deer kawaii desu ne~~

so, mata ne
genki de!!^^


posted by Chus , 12月 6, 2009 19:11:47 (Tokyo) :

the fried lotus root in the last picture looks yummy.

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