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Mori Girl (Forest Girl fashion)

Mori girl is buzzward oriented from mixi social net community. Mori means forest in Japanese. Mori girls express fashion style like a girl living in forest.

Now fashion magazine Spoon. published special issue of Mori Girl again. Thoes girls tend to ware softly and puffy shape clothes as following brand SM2、furfur. etc.. And they like Hachimitsu to clover (Honey & clover) manga book.

spoon. mori girl special issue (Japanese)

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posted by natasha , 9月 11, 2009 20:01:26 (Tokyo) :

i bought the second issue, and really liked it. i want to find the first issue too but ;_; it seems to be sold out everywhere.


posted by Claudia , 9月 12, 2009 5:22:55 (Tokyo) :

i think i like it! it would be a bit strange for me to actually wear it, since i don’t like nature at all >.


posted by Sara ♪♫ , 9月 12, 2009 11:05:48 (Tokyo) :

Ah! This is my favorite style! I love nature and fairy tales so I’ve been looking for nice clothes like this for a few years now. I wonder where I can buy some… Anyone know??


posted by クレア , 9月 13, 2009 23:40:53 (Tokyo) :



posted by admin , 9月 14, 2009 16:12:18 (Tokyo) :

Hi Clea
Welcome to Tokyo!
I think you can get it at large book stores in Tokyo.
For examples as follow stores.
Aoyam Book center Roppongi store(nearby Mita)
Book 1st Shibuya


posted by rinna , 9月 14, 2009 16:56:26 (Tokyo) :

Thanks for explaining about this style! I did a Google search and now I’m in love… I want to be a romantic “forest girl” too.


posted by NAVi and Bee Factory! » …Et puis, nous recommençons à tourner…… , 1月 9, 2010 0:58:47 (Tokyo) :

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posted by MoriGirl Style with Wonder Rocket « Carousel of Crowns , 2月 14, 2010 3:00:57 (Tokyo) :

[...] I visited Tokyo in December, Harajuku, Tokyo’s youth culture epicenter, was over-run with MoriGirls. One MoriGirl brand that moved into the neighborhood in a big way was Wonder Rocket and its spinoff [...]

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