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Caramel cups

caramel drinks

I found Karel Capek’s another cute caramel tea.
And did you know Starbucks Coffee producing their coffee for convenience stores?
I got caramel one, it is of course caramel cafe latte, named Qandi.

Karerl Capek
Starbucks Coffe Japan – Qandi

Lisa Larson mini animals

Lisa Larson mini animal series

Lisa Larson is a Swedish artist, she is well known by designing ceramics.

Her cute animals became mini charms.
Even if they’re not made in her atelier, I’m happy I could get them… :D
And they are made from PVC, I can go out with them!

Lisa Larson (Japanese)

Pierre Marcolini ice cream

Pierre Marcolini ice cream - small scoop

Did you check my older post? ;)
This time, these are “real” Pierre Marcolini ice cream!

We both chose choc chips in chocolate… (our most fav one!)
Sooooo rich & delicious! We had small scoops, but we could be satisfied with that! :9

Pierre Marcolini Japan
Google Maps

DESPERADO (Specialty fashion store at Shibuya)


DESPERADO is specialty fashion store on way from Shibuya to Daikanyama. You should go there. (but it might be difficult to find there.) If you get there you are sure to buy something.


You can see items on their blog.



Google Maps

Strawberry dome cake from Shinjuku Takano

takakos closet

Strawberry dome cake from Shinjuku Takako

This is a sweet strawberry cake covered with strawberry jelly from Shinjuku Takano.
The cake with whipped cream and strawberries have a wonderful sweet flavour.

Strawberry dome cake from Shinjuku Takako

It is the taste of early summer!!

TAKANO(japanese site)

Handy Towels from Tsumori Chisato Bathroom

takakos closet

Handy Towels from Tsumori Chisato Bathroom

These downy handy towels from Tsumori Chisato Bathroom are soothing to the touch. I love the tropical embroideries.

Handy Towels from Tsumori Chisato Bathroom

wacoal(japanese site)




UNIQLO CALENDAR shows scene of several towns in Japan. They looks like a diorama. That’s so cute & kawaii !!

If you click the movie it shows uniqlo’s clothes. and you can put it on your blog as a calender.

Google Maps

herbivore men(Japanese herbivore men’s actors )

herbivore menEita

Now herbivore men are going around in Japan. herbivore men are known as less interest in making money, sex. but some women estimate they have so kind and healing personality.

herbviore menEita

Eita and Ryo Kase are very popular as herbivore men among Japanese movie acotors.

herbivore menRyo Kase

They don’t act typical men to likely get to be rich. They always seem to be scared by something.

herbviore men Ryo Kase

i wonder if they don’t know someone to take as a good model to be mature men in Japan.


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