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LeSportsac 35th anniversary mook

LeSportsac Mook

You know, many magazines attached freebies, now some kind of trend is – 1 brand only magazine-book (mook). LeSportsac made “multi (purpose) case” only for their special mook. (mook is Japanenglish word for magazine + book)

LeSportsac Mook

you can choose 1,2 or all from 3 color variations.
the problem is, contents of the mooks are completely same!!

LeSportsac (Japan site)

LESPORTSAC 35th Anniversary Special!! Style3 ボヤージュ (Amazon.co.jp)

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posted by Rosey , 4月 20, 2009 0:22:54 (Tokyo) :

Love the mook! but i havent seen them in NYC, is it only in Japan?


posted by Claudia , 4月 20, 2009 3:19:57 (Tokyo) :

oh nice! do you already know what you are going to use it for?


posted by monkeeboo , 4月 20, 2009 16:46:41 (Tokyo) :

I got style 1 @ kinokuniya! i love yours too!


posted by ☆i {8tokyo} , 4月 21, 2009 17:03:43 (Tokyo) :

Rosey, I guess the mook is made for Japan only, but monkeeboo got this at Kinokuniya(yay! ;)) so maybe you can get them at there.
Claudia, I’m dreaming the day of trip to somewhere with this…!! :D


posted by cecilia , 4月 26, 2009 13:20:40 (Tokyo) :

Oh yeah, I saw this at Kinokuniya in Costa Mesa, California.


posted by Rosey , 5月 3, 2009 9:03:58 (Tokyo) :

Thanks everyone! I went to kinokuniya and got the mook! Im soo happy with it, can’t wait to use it


posted by Anires , 6月 1, 2009 17:13:57 (Tokyo) :

I bought it too…
But mine does not have the sling, does any of you have the same problem?


posted by Cynthia , 1月 23, 2010 15:14:30 (Tokyo) :

Hey Anires, your not the only one Y ^ Y
My sister brought that back for me from Japan, and mine didnt come with the strap/sling either!


posted by Kei , 1月 28, 2010 13:40:13 (Tokyo) :

hi, I don’t know why I always missed these good deals. Does anyone know where I can still find this mook, or just the passport case? (especially style 1) . Thanks.

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