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jelly no ie (house of jelly)


jelly no ie is a popular jelly shop in Iwaki city (Fukushima prefecture). Many of colorful jellies are so beautiful that I hesitate to eat. They have online-shop. so, I can order them from Tokyo.


When I have party, I always order.

jelly no ie

semi-dried sweet potato

semi dried sweet potato

they made from purple colored sweet potatoes.
steamed then dry, no artificial things or sugar in this.
healthy & yummy sweets, but looks not so good ;)

hum (Japanese jewelry brand)


I ordered a ring made by hum. hum is one of popular jewelry brand in Japan. Their shop is in Isetan Shinjuku store. It’s nice design.


I have waited to recieve it during two months. It’s my first diamond ring.


Specially I was welcomed in their office.

Google Maps (Isetan Shinjuku)



every food menu with pancake smiles!
unsweetened soft pancakes are good for sweets and some casual meals.
all menu can order “to go”, so you can enjoy these in Inogashira Park!

Google Maps

Bondy’s curry rice

Bondy curry rice

Jinbocho is a place that famous for lots of secondhand bookstores. Bondy is located at “Kosho center building” (secondhand book center) near Jinbocho station.the shop was established over 30 years ago. Bondy’s curry rice is beloved by the people who hunt for books :)

Bondy Jinbocho (tabelog)
Google Maps

camellia oil

camellia (tsubaki) oil

Camellia oil is traditional beauty oil for hair/skin made from camellia seeds.
our granma age, girls proud of shining black hair with the oil… for
some time, this was popular in elder people only.

Nowadays, because people consider about what is good for body and
health, camellia oil is in the limelight again!
I love using it plus some essential oils :)

Oshima Tsumaki

Twilighters gathered in Tokyo

Twilighters gathered in Tokyo

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner attended the Tokyo premiere of “Twilight” in Tokyo at Ebisu Garden Palace on February 27th. The film won’t start until April 4th in Japan, which I really can’t believe.

Twilighters gathered in Tokyo

It was the coldest day of this winter; under sleety raining and windy conditions, Twilighters were waiting to see them for hours.

Twilighters gathered in Tokyo

They showed up from 3 Volvo XC90s (Rob,Kristen and Taylor in each) drove up to the red carpet with the music “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse!!!

Twilighters gathered in Tokyo

Twilighters gathered in Tokyo

I could get Rob’s autograph on the Twilight book in Japanese, BUT it was half disappeared, because of the rain which I was really really disappointed…


Sorry, I couldn’t take good photos, but here are some I posted.




Sakuramochi is a variety of wagashi, or Japanese confectionery consisting of a sweet pink mochi (rice cake) and red bean paste, covered with a leaf of sakura (cherry blossom).


You can eat a sweet pink mochi with pickled sakura leaves. It tasts awesome!!


Sakura-mochi is eaten on March 3rd, Girl’s Day. The Japanese Doll’s Festival or Girl’s day (Hina-matsuri), is held on March 3, the third day of the third month. This is a day to pray for young girl’s growth and happiness.


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