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KCC Farmers Market (8tokyo in Hawaii DAY5)

kcc farmers market

KCC Farmers Market is organized by The Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation that is a private non-profit organization supporting the economic viability of Hawaii’s farmers and rancher. This is held at Kapiolani Community College on every Saturday.

kcc farmers market

kcc farmers market

kcc farmers market

Saturday Farmers’ Market at KCC

Galette de Rois – Maison Kayser


OMG it’s end of January! (Happy Lunar New Year!)

I ate some “Galette de Rois” french pastry for new year. Maison Kayser made their original “feve”! I saw some other type. maybe these are children’s drawing?


you can hide the feve in the galette then cut it… and the guy who get the galette is the king of the day!

Maison Kayser

Return to Honolulu (8tokyo in Hawaii DAY4)

honolulu airport

we returned to Honolulu.


we stayed at Park shore Waikiki Hotel.

Ocean view room. and Diamond head is at left side.

diamond head

100% chocolate cafe

100% chocolate cafe

100% chocolate cafe always has 56 (and more!) different kinds of chocolate!!


I got rose, 2/14 (raspberry & champagne), and wasanbon (Japanese luxury & refined sugar). I wish to try all flavors!! :D

100 chocolate cafe
by Hanataro

100% chocolate cafe
Google Map

Mt. Mauna Kea summit sunset tour (8tokyo in Hawaii DAY3)

maunaa kea
by vkurland

We (Yo-Ko & Yamada) went to Mt. Mauna Kea summit. It’s covered by snow.


There are many astronomical telescopes.


We saw an incredible beautiful sunset !!

Sunset tour (Taikobou)

Beef Curry rice from Tsubakiya

C-Documents and SettingsOwnerMy DocumentsMy Pictures2008_12_23椿屋カレー2

Tsubakiya is a coffee shop, but they serve good beef curry rice.

C-Documents and SettingsOwnerMy DocumentsMy Pictures2008_12_23椿屋カレー1

It comes with a bowl of salad and a cup of coffee(or tea which you can choose).
This is heaven!!

Tsubaki-ya coffee shop
Gurumet navi

Luau show at Hilton waikoloa village (8tokyo in Hawaii DAY2)


We (Yo-Ko & Yamada) went to Luau show at Hilton waikoloa village. Luau show is the dance and music of the Polynesian cultures of the Pacific Rim.


It’s fantastic !!!


Hilton waikoloa village is a huge hotel in Hawaii island. The boats were cruising in this hotel.


Legends of the Pacific Luau (Hilton waikoloa village)

Kona International Airport (8tokyo in Hawaii DAY1)


Yamada and I (Yo-ko) are in hawaii island.


We arrived at Kona International Airport. It’s a small airport but simple nice.

hawaii car number

We rented a car. The number plate is drawn rainbow. very kawaii !!


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