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bite-size Taiyaki from Sea Bream

bite-size Taiyaki from Sea Bream

Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake which we’ve had introduced before.
The most common filling is red bean paste that is made from sweetened azuki beans. These are bite-size Taiyaki from “Sea Bream” Bluno.

bite-size Taiyaki from Sea Bream


They are very easy to eat, and you can’t stop eatting until you finish them.
They have chocolate and custard flavor except azuki beans.



Paisley motif dresses form Balcony

takakos closet

I got cute paisley motif dresses form Balcony.
I love the hem of a skirt with polka dots.



fumofumo san

takakos closet


“fumofumo san”, they live on a cloud and like to travel the world having gentle adventures. They are very soft as cloud, and their gentle eyes convey someone’s warm feelings to.




yamashiroya shopping site
fumofumo san

New mobile phone supervised by PIERRE HERME PARIS


New mobile phone supervised by PIERRE HERME PARIS will be released in this November.


PIERRE HERME PARIS is famous as fabulos macaron. And they also produced some cute macaron charms.


These mobile phone color are 5 types, apricot-orange, vanilla-white, macaron-pink, casis-blue and chocolat-brown. Very yammy name.


I like vanilla-white best !

Lipton tea freebies! : Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton - 8tokyo.com
PIERRE HERME miniature collection – 8tokyo.com
docomo STYLE series N-03A

kawaii Managa 3 : Yotsuba&! (Yotsubato!)

Yotsubato 1 (Yotsubato (Graphic Novels))

Yotsuba&! (as known in Japanese “Yotsubato!”) is a very popular manga series by Kiyohiko Azuma. Not only Japanese girl, many people love them.

Yotsuba 2 (Yotsuba)

Yotsuba is a main character. She is 5 years old young girl. This story are depicted her daily summer holiday life with her father and neighborhoods.

Yotsubato 3 (Yotsubato (Graphic Novels))

Most of Japanese people love summer vacation at the best in a year, so I think it might be why this manga is attractive to Japanese.

Some of products born from Yotsuba&! are also released.

リボルテックダンボー・ミニ Amazon.co.jp ボックスバージョン 【初回版】

This is “Danbo” (cardboard robot). Danbo was represented on the story that Yotsuba and her friends made a robot with cardboard on summer homework (incruded in vol. 6).

Amazon co.jp reproduced Danbo with their delivery box. It’s funny idea.

Yotsuba&! 1 (Yotsuba&) (Amazon.co.jp)

LED blinking tote-bags (8tote at Make: Tokyo Meeting 02)

 LED blinking tote-bags (8tote at Make: Tokyo Meeting 02)

This weekend we joined Make: Tokyo Meeting 02 at Tama art university. We exhibited LED blinking tote-bags like Mexican day of the dead festival. Because we are also running tote-bag brand 8tote (Japanese name “みつばちトート“).

 LED blinking tote-bags (8tote at Make: Tokyo Meeting 02)

Make:” is new type tech magazine to enjoy DIY published in US. Japanese edition team held this event. And Make:’s sister brand is “Craft:” that is featuring the newest creation of craft. We are loving “Craft:” since their birth. So we were very happy to participate in Craft:’s corner of this event.

We made our bags controlled with LilyPad Arduino (kawaii microcontroller board designed for wearables and e-textiles), we were enjoying to succeed blinking our products.

 LED blinking tote-bags (8tote at Make: Tokyo Meeting 02)
A lot of gallery came to see our exhibition.

sousou tabi sox

sousou tabi sox
sou sou produce not only shoes but sox or many cute zakka.

sousou tabi sox

I got 2 pair sox per 1,000yen. So many kawaii & cool sox for men & women.

sousou tabi sox

It’s a hard time to choose just 2!!

sou sou
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Handmade accessory bags with unicorn embroidery

takakos closet

Handmade accessory bags with unicorn embroidery

These are handmade accessory bags from Curly Collection. The unicorn embroideries are so lovely. The small one is easy to carry a lip gloss and candies.

Handmade accessory bags with unicorn embroidery

Curly Collection


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