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LED blinking tote-bags (8tote at Make: Tokyo Meeting 02)

 LED blinking tote-bags (8tote at Make: Tokyo Meeting 02)

This weekend we joined Make: Tokyo Meeting 02 at Tama art university. We exhibited LED blinking tote-bags like Mexican day of the dead festival. Because we are also running tote-bag brand 8tote (Japanese name “みつばちトート“).

 LED blinking tote-bags (8tote at Make: Tokyo Meeting 02)

Make:” is new type tech magazine to enjoy DIY published in US. Japanese edition team held this event. And Make:’s sister brand is “Craft:” that is featuring the newest creation of craft. We are loving “Craft:” since their birth. So we were very happy to participate in Craft:’s corner of this event.

We made our bags controlled with LilyPad Arduino (kawaii microcontroller board designed for wearables and e-textiles), we were enjoying to succeed blinking our products.

 LED blinking tote-bags (8tote at Make: Tokyo Meeting 02)
A lot of gallery came to see our exhibition.

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posted by Lulu , 11月 10, 2008 16:35:47 (Tokyo) :

Wow! Your bag is amazing! If I had the money, I would definitely buy it~ ^u^
Also, I love the Craftzine site! It gave me a lot of ideas for future projects at school. Thank you for sharing it! Do you know any other sites like it?

And lastly, your blog is my favorite blog of all time! I check it everyday =)

Craft: のサイトを教えてくれてありがとね!カナダではこういう雑誌がないからすごくうれしい!他のもおしえてください!
後、8Tokyoをチェックするのが楽しみです!毎日読んでます。日本のファッションなどとても好きなんです。今後も続いててくださーい! ^U^


posted by LED Blinking Tote Bags - 8tote at Make: Tokyo Meeting 02 | SquareCows , 11月 12, 2008 19:26:26 (Tokyo) :

[...] Dia de los Muertos-style tote bags with blinking skull eyes were shown at the latest Make: Japan event, the Make: Tokyo Meeting 02 [...]


posted by i {8tokyo} , 11月 20, 2008 2:53:06 (Tokyo) :

thank you, unfortunately these bags are not for sale,
we specially customized these for Make: event ;)
you can check our ordinary selling ones on etsy!

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