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Beekeeping at home


This book explains how to easily keep honeybees at home. Even if living in the urban city, many prople want to feel natural life.

You can study honeybee’s behavior, how to keep honeybees and how to make honey or beewax by reading this book.

Now we have a food camouflage ploblem. We don’t have a parfect way of distinction. So, I think that making foods by oneself will be one of global trends.

庭で飼うはじめてのみつばち – 自家製のはちみつ作りをしてみませんか?

rainy game: Japanese baseball game, Yakult vs. Hanshin

Japanese baseball game, Yakult vs. Hanshin

I went to Jingu Stadium to watch baseball game, Yakult vs. Hanshin on rany night. Yakult is home team of Tokyo (Giants, too) . Hanshin is home team of Osaka and Kobe area.

Japanese baseball game, Yakult vs. Hanshin
Hanshin is very popular in Tokyo, too. So many Hanshin fans are in Jingu Stadium. Hanshin fans fly blowing balloons at the 7th inning.

Japanese baseball game, Yakult vs. Hanshin

Yakult fan’s lucky item is the umbrella that is smaller than normal. Yakult’s mascot “Tsubakuro” (as a swallow) is on the tip.

Japanese baseball game, Yakult vs. Hanshin

YMCK “dot” Keychain


“YMCK” is known as nostalgic 8bit video game-like tunes. How do you feel their artwork ?

kawaii YMCK

I wanted to buy thier goods, someday. Finally, I find the “dot” Keychain at a capsule toy vending machine. You can purchase it at HMV Shibuya and Village van guard chain stores.

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YMCK Official Web Site
MySpace.com – YMCK
YMCK: Aesthetics For The 8bit Generation (PingMag)

Lipton Limone latest freebie!

Lipton freebies 2008aw

This time, Lipton does not collaborate with somewhere :P
maybe the company gain confidence in their fake sweets freebie.
anyway the sweets are cute enough!

Lipton freebies 2008aw

we can choose the one from pink macaron, chou a la creme, oreo-like
cookie, biscuit, bonbon chocolat, and chocolate tablet.

Lipton freebies 2008aw


Lipton (no info about freebie)

duffel coat-like jacket: Japanese fashon trend in 2008 A/W

One of Japanese fashon trend in 2008 A/W is a duffel coat-like jacket. Material is cotton or fur. The short length (stop of a waist) is popular.

japanese fashion japanese fashion

japanese fashion japanese fashion

A folklore-like style is the general trend in this season. It’s like the old style fashion in mountain life !?

BORN FREE WORKS (Yuigahama beach, Kamakura)


The free space “BORN FREE WORKS” is in Yuigahama beach, Kamakura. Kamakura is the suburbs of Tokyo and Yokohama and along the seashore.


When I went the other day, The knit brand “n100″ held their exhibition sale. BORN FREE WORKS’s owner Kako-san is a surfer. She is usually selling a hammock there.



H&M Tokyo Ginza store opened

japanese fashion

by kenjimori

H&M Ginza store opened on Sep.13. Stil now there are a long line in front of a store October 2. Everyone is wating for 1 or 2 hours. (I can’t beleave it!)

japanese fashion

by shok

I’ve not gone into the Ginza store yet. Because I don’t like lining up much. But I’m interested in COMME des GARCONS for H&M Collection released in November. I’m looking forward them. I might go for shopping.

H&M – Fashion

eau cafe rooftop : cafe at daikanyama

eau cafe rooftop

eau cafe is a “very Daikanyama style” cafe, like visit to someone’s house.

eau cafe rooftop
you can enjoy handmade sweets, snacks, lemonade, or beverages within the french taste music. or if you choose the menu & pay first, you can go up to spend some time on the rooftop of the cafe’s building! :)

eau cafe rooftop

eau cafe


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