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Lipton Limone latest freebie!

Lipton freebies 2008aw

This time, Lipton does not collaborate with somewhere :P
maybe the company gain confidence in their fake sweets freebie.
anyway the sweets are cute enough!

Lipton freebies 2008aw

we can choose the one from pink macaron, chou a la creme, oreo-like
cookie, biscuit, bonbon chocolat, and chocolate tablet.

Lipton freebies 2008aw


Lipton (no info about freebie)

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posted by Denise , 10月 8, 2008 16:24:20 (Tokyo) :

I remember getting a Lipton tea from a Seven Eleven. It came with a cute cell charm that was a green octopus with a red cone hat. I thought “wow, this is one way to get people to buy it”. It’s a smart marketing move that I wish they would adopt here in the US to encourage people to shop (especially since our economy is down).

1.) People think they’re getting a prize.
2.) It will sway a person’s decision on buying that drink compared to others that don’t have a prize.
3.) It’s fun and CUTE!


posted by Frances , 10月 13, 2008 14:42:13 (Tokyo) :

They look so real! Very sweet.


posted by Charles Downs , 10月 23, 2008 17:40:58 (Tokyo) :

I live in the us and am a collector of Lipton Tea items, but it is hard to get from Japan. Any way i could get all the bottle add ons through the mail?

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