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“Star print shiny top” from Beams

takakos closet

“Star print shiny top” from Beams

I got a “Star print shiny top” from Beams.
I love the crescent moons and scattered stars in a silver color.


Ear muff : Japanese fashion trend item 2008 A/W


Ear muff seem to be fashion trend in autumn and winter 2008.

As global warming, the Japanese fall and winter becomes warm, too. But Japanese fashion trend is not concerned in climate. Fur material is popular.



In August, they are already released, and sold out soon. Japanese girl’s effort to be fashionable is greatest even if it is hot .


The World of Golden Eggs (in Japan)

The World of Golden Eggs

The World of Golden Eggs is a animated comedy show done in Japan for MTV which has a very cool chunky computer graphics look to it.

The show is set in a fictional American town called ‘Turkey Hill’, and the show seems to feature quite a few ‘shows with a show’. The series first aired in 2005 and it’s now in it’s second season. It’s very funny CG animation.

The World of Golden Eggs

The World of Golden Eggs collaborated with Lawson(convenience store franchise) to release apple pie, banana shakes, noodles, etc…. They are very fun!!

The World of GOLDEN EGGS(ローソン)

buy some casual pop art – POPBOX


many rising pop culture artists sales or display their work in Shibuya Loft.
Many of them held exhibits in small booths.


All of these are the same white boxes, but very different from their unique arts.
Passing costumers could enjoy their live paintings.



Great Ukiyo-e in Harajuku!!

ota memorial museum

How do you imagine or know about Harajuku?
Yeah, it is very exciting young people’s fashion sacred place.

ota memorial museum

But this time I recommend you Ukiyo-e Ota memorial museum of art!
The museum is at the back of Laforet Harajuku.


You can see a lot of beautiful Ukiyo-e. just like into Japanese house,
you need to take off your shoes to enter the Museum. Unbelievably calm & serene place.

You can get some Ukiyo-e printed stationery at the reception.

Ukiyo-e Ota memorial museum of art

a long-established Café – Shibuya Kenyan

kenyan cafe Shibuya

Kenyan is a old famous café in Shibuya.
I-MI-tea is their most popular & proud drink, means “(I)ced (MI)lk tea” ;)
We ordered I-MI-tea with whole apple pie & whole banana pie. 1 whole
fruit in the pie!


tea shop Kenyan

Milk Fed “ikebukuro shop”

takakos closet

Milk Fed “ikebukuro shop”

Milk Fed “ikebukuro shop” was just opened in Ikebukuro PARCO.
PARCO is the place to go for designer boutiques for men and women.

Milk Fed “ikebukuro shop”

You can get cute”Milk Fed”logo tank as gift to buy over 15000 yen for now.
I got a gray long cardigan with ribbon pockets which I can wear in heavy rotation.

Milk Fed “ikebukuro shop”

milk fed.

Tsukimi (Moon Viewing) Manju

Tsukimi (Moon Viewing) Manju

Tsukimi is a Japanese festival honoring the first full moon of Autumn. The celebration takes place on the 14th of September on the lunisolar calendar this year.

Tsukimi (Moon Viewing) Manju

Manju is a popular traditional Japanese confection.

There are many varieties of manju, but most have an outside made from flour, rice powder and buckwheat and a filling of an (red bean paste), made from boiled azuki beans and sugar.

Tsukimi (Moon Viewing) Manju

We look at the moon, enjoying the beauty silence. Tsukimi also has the meaning of celebrating the autumn harvest.



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