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knot : crochet lace necklace

knot : crochet lace necklace

The Japanese accessories brand “knot”is established by jung-jung and Miki Fukushima. They produce wonderful accessories twisted with simple crochet lace.

knot : crochet lace necklace

I like their accessories a lot. It’s suitable for variety of my clothes.

knot : crochet lace necklace

They published the book to explain how to make accessories. You can make them to refer the book.


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posted by Denise , 9月 18, 2008 18:50:08 (Tokyo) :

Ooh! I love that necklace. It’s so unique looking. It stands out with the plain gray tshirt the model is wearing. It makes it more flattering.


posted by irene , 9月 19, 2008 0:19:02 (Tokyo) :

hey, i’m interested in ur tote bags but i live overseas…any idea how to go abt ordering it? By the way, nice blog!


posted by Jeslyn , 9月 19, 2008 12:07:46 (Tokyo) :

Hi, love ur necklace. what is the title of the book ? I live in Singapore, hope I can find it at Kinokuniya.


posted by admin , 9月 19, 2008 14:34:39 (Tokyo) :

Hi Jeslyn
Now I put thire book cover on this article and linked Amazon co.jp.


posted by fluffy , 9月 19, 2008 17:42:13 (Tokyo) :

Hello, nice blog! I showed this blog to my friends and they’re all drooling over the food and planning for gourmet trips to Japan xD

I will use your blog as one of my guides when I get around Tokyo this upcoming New Year :D Are stores opened on January 2nd? Any hot spots with BIG New Year sales? ;D


posted by admin , 9月 19, 2008 18:22:25 (Tokyo) :

Hi irene
Thank you for your coment.
We are planning to sell tote-bags and japanese kawaii products on this site in pre winter. Please, wait for good news.

Hi fluffy
Thank you so much.
I guess many Japanese department stores start to open at Jan.2nd and sell lucky bags including many articles at cheap prices.


posted by Paisley St Claire , 9月 19, 2008 21:40:42 (Tokyo) :

I love this necklace!


posted by j0s1e267 , 9月 20, 2008 3:26:09 (Tokyo) :

This is super kawaii! I love your blog, please keep your posts coming! (*^_^*)

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