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kawaii manga : Honey & Clover by Chica Umino

Honey & Clover 1 (Honey and Clover)

I introduce Japanese girls favorite manga. They are not only NANA and NARUTO. The Manga i like best is Honey & Clover. The author Chica Umino was ex-Sanrio designer. (Sanrio is known as Hello-kitty’s company)

Honey and Clover 2 (Honey and Clover)

Honey & Clover’s story is art college student’s life story. Boys and girls’ love and growing process are described.

Honey and Clover 3 (Honey and Clover)

This story is very interesting. Besides, every characters are so much “kawaii”. I like them all.

Honey and Clover (Wikipedia)
ハチミツとクローバー (Flash)

satine LA & Tokyo

satine LA

When I went to LA a few weeks ago, I went to a famous boutique satine in LA!
satine was selling some japanese brands, TSUMORI CHISATO, TOGA and etc.
I was moved in a stylish shop.

Anyway, do you know that there are a branch shop in Tokyo ?

satine tokyo

Some original clothes which are owner of satine Jeannie Lee designed are sold at reasonable prices. I think a Japanese apparel company runs it.


Satine Boutique (in LA)
satine (in Tokyo)

adress:Kita-aoyama 3-13-12, Minato-ku ,Tokyo google map

H&M looking for Tokyo reporter

H&M Tokyo ginza comming soon

maybe you can’t believe, there’s no H&M shops in Tokyo… & they’re
coming soon ;P
the first shop will open in Ginza, 2nd in Harajuku.


now they’re looking for reporter at Tokyo on their website until 27th August.
Do you wanna be 15 minutes famous? if so, check it out. hope you win!

H&M Tokyo Next

Maiko coming to Omotesando Hills

maiko came to omotesando hills

maiko from Kyoto show some summer dance with samisen song in Omotesando Hills!

maiko came to omotesando hills

“Okoshiyasu ~welcome~ Omotesando Hills” is a event of the 50th anniversary Kyoto & Paris became sister city.

maiko came to omotesando hills

the maiko girls danced so graceful! we can’t see them ordinary, here in Tokyo ;)

maiko came to omotesando hills
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PEACE cafe

PEACE cafe

PEACE cafe has been opening during April to November every year at Tama river side.

PEACE cafe

You get off at Tokyu Denentoshi Line, Futago Tamagawa Station.
To drink wine in a riverbank is the best! Wind is comfortable.

universal familiar nostalgic YokuMoku

yoku moku cigare

YokuMoku is one of the long-established sweets shop in Tokyo. the head shop is in Aoyama, however you can get their sweets everywhere in Japan.
some famous heavenly sweets came to Tokyo recently, although YokuMoku is a steady shop for us.

yoku moku cigare

if you wish to bring some present for your friends’ home, who does not like YokuMoku sweets?

Invading Laforet Harajuku!

invading Laforet Harajuku!

Laforet Harajuku & space invader game are in the same age… 30th anniversary!

invading Laforet Harajuku!

so they are in collaboration with some fashion items.

invading Laforet Harajuku!

Laforet Harajuku was invaded by cute space invaders!!
you can also try the computer game in there :)

Laforet Harajuku

2008 Sumida River fireworks event

Fireworks event 2008 Sumida-river Tokyo

2008 Sumida River fireworks event was held near Sumida River flowing through the downtown area in Tokyo.

Fireworks event 2008 Sumida river

I went to the neighborhood of launching level. Fireworks were seen in over the buildings.

Fireworks event 2008 Sumida river

Usually it is a business area, but on that day it was full in a crowd to look the fireworks. Many Japanese loves a fireworks event.

Fireworks event 2008 Sumida-river Tokyo

Terrible big sounds, and the sky flares up. I was slightly fierce. I have never seen such a scene !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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