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make your own fake sweets ;)

fake sweets book

I love sweets, even it’s not edible…
now we can know how to make fake sweets easily from this book :D
macaron, donut, cream puff, roll cake, & more.

fake sweets book

all of these are made from some kind of silicon, clay, acrylic colors or so.
just for enjoy decorate ourselves or our places. ;)
calories FREE!

fake sweets book

Amazon.co.jp: How to make cute sweets

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posted by Emme , 8月 1, 2008 20:22:15 (Tokyo) :

Lovely and tempting!


posted by Karen , 9月 8, 2008 0:48:07 (Tokyo) :

Hi! I am Karen. I have a question to ask you regarding to this post. Hope you don’t mind to answer me. I am so interested in making fake macaroon. I have even tried it already.
I have tried to use silicone to make the fake icing but fail. Then I tried using filler. It’s successful but with a little crack. May I know what suitable material to make the filling of macaroon (icing)? I searched a lot of Japanese site but still do not get the answer. Hope you can help me. Thank for helping me…


posted by ☆i , 9月 10, 2008 15:58:26 (Tokyo) :

yeah I’m glad you love this :)
sorry I didn’ t try to make them yet.
the book’s technique, she uses resin clay named “hearty” or “modena”.
again, sorry I can’t help you much, please enjoy making cuties :9


posted by celine , 3月 2, 2012 16:14:45 (Tokyo) :

please a like you book i not in french you geve my adresse ,,’,,?? bybbye

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