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Cornelius : Tokyo international forum concert

by Taichi Kaminogoya

A large-scale concert of cornelius was held in Tokyo international forum after a long absence.

He continued music activity during about 20 years, and has been challenging the various latest technology and ideas recently.

by kool A mojo

In this concert, he shoed the performance that high-definition picture and music synchronized with HD screen. The DVD will be released. This is a pleasure, too.


Lipton tea freebies! : Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton

Few days ago, my friend e-mailed to me ;).
She shares about Lipton tea pet bottle freebies to me!

Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton 1

Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton. one cute charm is attach to a bottle. 8 kinds of faux sweets (macarons, icecream cake or chocolate) are made for this campaign.

We don’t know why they collaborate! but these are so cute!!

Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton 2

Cher : now most popular logo


Now, among girls of Tokyo, Cher’s canvas bags are most prevalent. Because of popular Japanese model, RINKA having this, Cher became popular.


Cher is a fashion brand of establishment the tenth year which select American West Coast-like clothes.


Many fashion magazines collaborate with Cher and present free mini bag to readers. A lot of girls of Tokyo put a lunch box in it.


There are a computer and wall paper of Cher, and there seems to be the girl customizing it like a photograph.


Kimu Katsu : tonkatsu restaurant

Kimu Katsu

On any given night,there is a long line of people waiting outside to get a table for Kimu Katsu

Their specialty is tonkatsu, deep-fried breaded pork. And their unique technique, which is to
tenderize the meat before breading it.

Kimu Katsu

The meat is juicy, but not oily. And the breading comes in six different flavorings.
Kimu Katsu’s katsu is the “millefeuille” of katsu. You must tast Kimu Katsu even if you had to
wait almost 60 minutes outside in the cold.

Kimu Katsu


mina perhonen’s new spring bag

takakos closet

This is a mina perhonen’s new spring bag. The tambourine pattern is one of mina perhonen’s standard articles.

mina perhonen's new spring bag

minä perhonen


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