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Lipton tea freebies! : Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton

Few days ago, my friend e-mailed to me ;).
She shares about Lipton tea pet bottle freebies to me!

Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton 1

Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton. one cute charm is attach to a bottle. 8 kinds of faux sweets (macarons, icecream cake or chocolate) are made for this campaign.

We don’t know why they collaborate! but these are so cute!!

Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton 2

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posted by Jackie , 4月 9, 2008 12:44:11 (Tokyo) :

kawaii~!!! I wish they would do stuff like that in America. I am collecting the Pierre Herme mini collection but they are sold out at my supermarket now. =( Would you be willing to send one out to the states? ^.^


posted by ☆i {8tokyo} , 4月 12, 2008 13:06:46 (Tokyo) :

Thank you~~! yes I think mini collections are also great! I’m sorry they are run out now. these on this pic are my treasure ;)


posted by macaron haute couture « timmi jr. , 6月 2, 2008 3:17:14 (Tokyo) :

[...] may check a few posts by 8tokyo on the collaboration by Japanese clothing label Fauchon and q-pot, Pierre Hermé and lipton (the later one didn’t seem to go well together from design perspective but certainly fine as [...]


posted by jennifer , 8月 27, 2008 12:03:26 (Tokyo) :

I have been looking for this complete set of Pierre Herme for a long time! Will you be able to purchase this for me and I will buy this from you, whether it is through ebay or anything please?!!


posted by Susan , 12月 19, 2008 20:30:47 (Tokyo) :

I would also love to have a set of these phone charms or even two sets but they are not available outside Japan. Would be happy to pay costs.


posted by Mai , 5月 20, 2011 14:21:21 (Tokyo) :

Lovely Pierre Herme miniatures. Please email me.

Mai (Ms)

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