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Skull lover 5 : a new towel by Vivienne Westwood

takakos closet

I got a new towel by Vivienne Westwood. This is one of the new spring patterns.

Vivienne Westwood



What is “ami-mation” ?
It is an “Amigurumi” animation video created by illustrator Yosuke Kihara.
“Amigurumi” is a knitted stuffed doll ( knitted is “ami” in Japanese). Using wools in various colors, thickness, patterns or gages, he can create his original amigurumis. It is amazing that a pretty doll is produced with a single string of wool.



Moving and talking amigurumis – check his great “ami-mation” here.



print paint

Transforming an ordinary landscape or an indoor snap shot to unique drawings; the “print-paint” was inspired by such an idea.

print paint

The lines of “print-paint” are drawn by scratching the surface of an original photo. After coloring in the lines, done!

print paint

All photo by Toshiyuki Fukuda

Blythe shop Junie Moon Daikanyama

junie moon shop

I think Blythe is a most famous doll today. The doll was sold in 70s for once, but not good sales. Its unbelievable now…

junie moon shop

You can buy so many type of Blythe dolls in Junie Moon. Even if you wish to make them more kawaii, the shop has started the hair salon for Blythe dolls :O
You can take your girl to the shop. Do not forget e-mail reservation!

junie moon shop

Junie Moon (in English)
Blythe (wikipedia)
Google Maps

Tabi-shoes : “Tabi-shoes” by sou sou

Remember the “Tabi” type shoes from the Martin Margiela boots or Nike sneakers lines? There is more than Kimono for Japanese traditional clothing, and “Tabi“ is one of them.


The “Tabi-shoes” by sou sou are so comfortable to ware and cute. I bet people can’t help noticing it and telling you “nice shoes!”



sou sou
sou sou web shop

FAUCHON collaborate with Q-pot. & Takashimaya

FAUCHON collaborate with Q-pot. & Takashimaya

Fauchon made a special box for Valentine’s day. 2 “love macaron”s with a faux love macaron mobile strap made by Q-pot.in there!

Love macarons (raspberry, vanilla & rose taste) are also specially made for Valentine’s day & White day.
You can buy only macarons until 14th March.(^_-)*

MODE PRESS – Valentine’s day special issue –

Yahoo!JP Auctions & Online shopping service


Today, I can share good news about shopping with you, who may have wanted to shop at Yahoo Japan Auctions or other Japanese online shopping sites.

Most Japanese shopping sites do not deal with customers from overseas, but now you can deal with them through “RINKYA”.

After you won a bit or placed an order, “RINKYA” will represent you and complete the deal on behalf of you, then ship the goods to you from where “RINKYA” is based.


For more information, check out their website. Well, I’m so glad that I can now share the info about those very “kawaii” Japanese online shops with you!



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