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Daikanyama Kurodai : Taiyaki shop

daikanyama kurodai

Tai(sea bream)-yaki(bake) is a Japanese fish-shaped waffle within sweet bean paste.

Its a casual snack even you can eat while walking. Daikanyama kurodai is a famous yummy taiyaki shop :9

We tried “plain” basic sweet bean paste with mochi dumpling. In addition, they have “maccha” and “black sesame” taste. Can you see we’ve got “grown-up” size & “baby” size?

daikanyama kurodai shop

Daikanyama Taiyaki Kurodai
taiyaki (wikipedia)

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posted by Yayang Sriwati , 11月 29, 2008 12:21:57 (Tokyo) :

Hello, my name is Yayang Sriwati, I’m from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I need the taiyani mold/pan. Can you help me to give the information how to get the pan/mold or maybe you can help me to send the pan/mold. I will pay the cost. Thank you for the attention


posted by admin , 11月 29, 2008 12:53:46 (Tokyo) :

Hi Yayang
My name is yamada. I’m webmaster of 8tokyo.com.
I think you can get taiyaki mold/pan from Amazon.co.jp in English.

Amazon.co.jp: ふっ素樹脂加工 おやつらんど たい焼器 D-643: Home & Kitchen
盛栄堂 たい焼 2個焼 F-153: Amazon.co.jp: Home & Kitchen



posted by Tiffany , 2月 13, 2009 2:17:21 (Tokyo) :

Hey, I was wondering!!! You seem pretty Japan savvy. I need a Taiyaki pan, one that’s electric that I can plug in and use. I seen one on Ebay, but I know it’s super OVERPRICEDDDD. Which is lame. I know they are only about 25$ USD I seen them at the cookware shop when i was in Japan.

Can you buy me one if you know where and I will pay you 30$ plus shipping for it? We can do it through paypal so it’s more secure.

Tiffany Sherwood


posted by Tiffany , 2月 13, 2009 2:31:17 (Tokyo) :

I just noticed the other post!!! Thanks.

Much cheaper than what i seen. :)


posted by Tiffany , 2月 13, 2009 2:44:05 (Tokyo) :

Only problem, they dont ship anywhere except Japan…:(


posted by admin , 2月 14, 2009 13:31:23 (Tokyo) :

We are sorry to do such service.
You might be able to buy here.


posted by Narmi , 6月 17, 2009 8:15:52 (Tokyo) :

Hi. I am also looking for a taiyaki mold but for commercial use. Can anyone please direct me on where to look for it?


posted by ☆i {8tokyo} , 6月 18, 2009 13:57:23 (Tokyo) :

Hello, I searched at some Rakuten shops doing oversea shipping.
the real one is expensive, but if you’re ok it was make by microwave oven, these are cheaper. enjoy! ;D


posted by mimi , 1月 12, 2010 10:00:30 (Tokyo) :

I would like to order commercial taiyaki maker. anybody know where I can order, please email me or direct me.


posted by Adriana , 4月 27, 2010 0:57:12 (Tokyo) :

I would like to buy mini taiyaki maker, anybody know where i can order, please email me.

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