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The most used search engine service in Japan is of course, Google. But here in Japan, Yahoo! Japan has been ranked the top since late 90’s till now, and Google has always been the second.

However, since last year or so, Google has been fiercely catching up Yahoo! Japan. As a unique local strategy to win more market share, Google Japan is promoting itself using famous figures or artists.


This time of “Artist iGoogle” features architects, fashion designers or illustrators who provide the special editions of iGoogle headers or some gadgets. I guess someone like NIGO from A BATHING APE is known out side of Japan, too?

Artist × iGoogle

“miel” the baked donut shop

“miel” the baked donut shop

“miel” is a baked donut shop. They sell baked donuts not using oil,additive-free and no chemical preservations. very healthy!!

It tasts like sponge cakes that would be very soft and melted in my mouth. They have Plain,Cocoa,Cinnamon,Kinako,Dainagon,Apple,Potato and Rum raisin flavors.




L’ATELIER COULEURS 36 is a cake shop which sells 36 kinds of cakes. They are shaped like sticks.
The basic items of 36 stick type cakes are cheese cakes and the seasonal flavors are also included. You can eat them without forks.


Preparing for Easter at THE PENINSULA HOTEL TOKYO

Preparing for Easter at THE PENINSULA HOTEL TOKYO

My friend and I had a break at The Peninsula Boutique & Cafe. We had a quiet and realxing time with hot chocolate and cafe latte. They are preparing fancy French chocolate Easter eggs for Easter.

Preparing for Easter at THE PENINSULA HOTEL TOKYO

Preparing for Easter at THE PENINSULA HOTEL TOKYO

Tokyo Hotels: The Peninsula Tokyo Official Site, Tokyo Luxury Hotel

Girls Run in Tokyo

adidas by Stella McCartney

Now jogging is becoming popular among the Tokyo working girls. Of course the motivation is dieting, beauty and health – the most interested things by them.

But I think that other important factor pushing the popularity is that fashionable sportswear available from major sports brands such as the “adidas by Stella McCartney”.

Re-Style Sports section at Isetan Shinjuku, the most leading department store in Japan, offers not only “adidas by Stella McCartney”, but various fashionable and pretty sportswear from overseas and domestic fashion brands, like a sport corroboration line of “Laula × arena”.


adidas by Stella McCartney
Re-Style Sports : Shinjuku : Isetan

Gonpachi Roppongi (Nishiazabu)

gonpachi roppongi

Let me talk about a Japanese restaurant/izakaya Gonpach in Nish-Azabu, Roppongi.

Well, I guess many of you may already have heard about this place as it has been quite famous already. The former Prime Minister, Mr. Koizumi took President Bush here, and it was used as a movie-set, which Uma Thurman played the action scenes of “Kill Bill”.
gonpachi kill bill
by switchstyle

Kill Bill
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I’ve just been there for the first time and was surprised to see there were more foreigners than local customers. Some of their staff can speak English and the price is reasonable, it would be good place for a traveler. It seems that many business men transferred from overseas frequent here.

gonpachi roppongi

You can enjoy a good dinner of a la carte including yakitori, sashimi or donburi together with some sake, and it would only cost about 5,000 yen (about $50 US. ) per person.

gonpachi roppongi

To me as a Japanese person, the caricatured Japanese-style interior was very interesting!

It is about 10 min. walk from Roppongi subway station, located at the Nish-Azabu intersection.


Bagel & Bagel : Japanese Bagel cafes

Bagel & Bagel : Japanese Bagel cafes

“Bagel & Bagel” are Japanese Bagel cafes. Zero-cholesterol,oil-free, low-cal and reduced-fat Bagels are very heathy. I’d love to have Bagels evey lunch.


“MAI-THAI” Thai restaurant

There is a nice Thai restaurant in Tokyo. The restaurant has very traditional and genuine flavors and atmosphere. There’s a tuk-tuk parked outside.

Thai spring roll,Green papaya mixed salad,Crab curry



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