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Salon Du Chocolat in Isetan Shinjuku

salon du chocolat, Isetan - Henri Le Roux

I went to Salon Du Chocolat which is being held in Shinjuku Isetan.

Salon Du Chocolat is International chocolate show featuring world-class exhibitors, chef demonstrations, chocolate fashion, gifts, activities for children, and more.

salon du chocolat, Isetan - Henri Le Roux

It was very crowded, but I could get some sweets form “OBERWEIS” and “Henri Le Roux”. Henri Le Roux’s C.B.S. caramels make me crazy!!

salon du chocolat, Isetan

Henri Le Roux

Pentagon Umbrella


Normally an umbrella is hexagon, isn’it? This is a folding umbrella of pentagon! By making it pentagonal shape, it uses lesser ribs thus successfully lighter and smaller.

Additionally because of the less-curved shape, it does not hide the vision as much, so you can see better.


The patterns of the fabric is nice and pretty, too!

アイデアデザインの[ idea ] : 骨を減らして、形を変えて。(Pentagon Umbrella site)

Ribbon Project

“Ribbon Project” is a product development project creating various products using ribbons. A ribbon company based in a local city of Japan, Fukui Prefecture assigns product designers of various businesses and produces tableware or furniture.

lowws         designer:hiroyuki kato


An ever-lasting wall calender. made from steel ribbon of 0.1mm thickness. Simply slide the ribbon from one end to mutch the Sundays to dates!

2.8cm      designer:makoto yamaguchi


A cutely range inspired by the form ribbon takes when held between the fingers. Unlikely shapes and an astonishing familiarity in handling wikk surprise any user!

tirolean chair      designer:naoko matsumoto


A Simple chair, constructed of 16mm piping, is covered entirely in a Tirolean rose-embroidered ribbon.

The products are available at some interior shops in Tokyo as well as from their web shop.

Ribbon Project

mobile toothbrush “brillo”


A potable toothbrush, which should be handy when you wash your mouth after lunch at the office or when you are out. And well, well, you can replace the brush when it gets old.


A cool design and a smart idea, I’d love to give it to someone for the Valentine’s Day.


Green Powdered Tea Cheesecake and Green Tea Roll Cake : Today’s tea break

They are Green Powdered Tea Cheesecake and Green Tea Roll Cake with black beans from Hayashiya-chaen.

Green Tea Roll Cake

Green Powdered Tea Cheesecake

They are served with a pot of green tea.
You can have a relaxing time.

京はやしや (in Japanese)

Marunouchi bread “POINT et LIGNE”

marunouchi bread

I and my friend went to a bakery “POINT et LIGNE” in the Shin-Marunouchi Building. The bakery features a variety of “made in Tokyo” bread , which also has a cafe.

marunouchi bread 03

You can also watch bakers preparing bread. We had a lunch which is very tasty bread and salad of the season.

marunouchi bread02



The MUJI AWARD is a design competition organized by MUJI. This is its 2nd year. Some of the leading designers like Naoto Fukazawa or Jasper Morrison joins as one of the judges, and it should be one of the best stepping-stone design competitions for young product designers and alike. Those award-winning works will be produced as new MUJI products, too.


The theme of the 2nd year comp that has just been announced the other day is “RE”- (Re-think,Re-design,Re-use etc.).

My favorites are the Gold award winning “Towel with further options”, which you can cut into the sizes you like before use, and a schedule notebook with clock-shaped scheduling sections, “Chronotebook”. Both will be available for sales in this coming spring.

Towel with further options






There are also some product concepts won the awards. For example, a cubical shaped salt ( just like a block sugar). It sounds like making your cocking time more fun!

Kakujio (in japanese “block salt”)


Photo:Copyright©Ryohin Keikaku Co.


Japanese Omelet Rice

Japanese Omelet Rice

Japanese Omelet Rice is called Omurice in Japanese. It is made with fried rice which is wrapped by omelet.

Japanese Omelet Rice

Everybody including kids loves omurice in Japan.
There are various Omurice you can choose at the omurice restaurant “Pomu no ki”.

Pomu no ki (in Japanese)
Omurice recipe – Japanese Omelet Rice (about.com)


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