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Yokohama red brick warehouse

yokohama akarenga (red brick warehouse)

Yokohama is a city near from Tokyo. You can go there by train in 30 minutes or so. Many noted beautiful places are in there, Yokohama people are very proud of their town;)

yokohama akarenga (red brick warehouse)

I went to Yokohama red brick warehouse. The warehouse was built in 1907, it was of course warehouse at first. then became US army headquarters when WW2 was over. after that, became warehouse again. Now, there is not. there are many foods, clothes, zakka shops!
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Tower Books : TOWER RECORD’s book store

Towerrecords Shibuya towerbooks

The U.S TOWER RECORDS has unfortunately gone bankrupt, but the Japanese TOWER RECORDS is still alive and well. (It is the same brand as the U.S TOWER RECORDS, but a different capital business from it).

There is a bookstore on the 6th floor of the TOWER RECORDS in Shibuya and you can get many kinds of foreign books and magazines there. I wonder if many English native speakers living in Japan would come and buy the books and magazine here? ( No doubt that many people also use the Amazon, though)

Towerrecords Shibuya

TOWER RECORDS Shibuya store is the largest CD shop in Japan. I bet you can find relatively “rare” CDs if you try there!


Piece of Peace Tokyo : LEGO exhibition

LEGO tower of effel

I looked in Shibuya Parco LOGOS gallary. The exhibition named “Piece of Peace – world heritage exhibit built with LEGO” is holding until 25th Feb. 2008.

LEGO Torre di Pisa

You can see “Tower of Pisa”, “Shirakawago”, “Town Hall and Roland on the Marketplace of Bremen”, and “Tower of Effel”.

If you think you want to see more and it’s OK to pay for that, please go up to Parco Factory in 6th floor.
LEGO Town Hall and Roland on the Marketplace of Bremen

LEGO  shirakawago
There are 26 world heritages built by LEGO.

Piece of Peace – world heritage exhibit built with LEGO

Time-limited Ben Sherman Vending machine


Nano universe tokyo is a “select-shop” in Shibuya. There’s a cool vending machine in front of shop, until 17th February.

This is a campaign (but not free! it is rare case in Tokyo, I think) nano universe tie-up with Ben Sherman.


These drinks are all chocolate flavored royal milk tea! because Ben Sherman is a apparel brand of UK. The can designed like that wears checked shirt ;)


Ben Sherman
nano universe (in Japanese)

Walnut cookies

Walnut cookies

These are Walnut cookies with fancy boxes form SEIKOUTEI. They are free from preservatives, artificial color and artificial flavor.

Walnut cookies
I love the cookies and the cute boxes. They are always be nice gifts to everyone.

SEIKOUTEI (in Japanese)

Board candy : Ameya Eitaro


Eitaro is a long-established candy shop. 2007, last year was the 150th anniversary!

Their Isetan-only limited candy chop is unique ;)
Many kind of beautiful candies are there… liquid candies, board candies, alphabet candies, etc.


I’ve got strawberry & almond board candies.
crunchy but melt like cotton candies!
Please try them when you come to Shinjuku Isetan!

Ameya Eitaro (in Japanese)
about Ameya Eitaro (in Japanese)

Spring has come at Balcony (Japanese fashion brand).

takakos closet

Balcony (Japanese fashion brand)

Balcony collaborated with the flower shop”COUNTRY HARVEST”.
There are many flowers arranged with new spring outfit in the shop.

Balcony (Japanese fashion brand)

Balcony (Japanese fashion brand)


Happy Valentine’s day!! (in Japan)

Happy Valentine’s day!!,

On Valentine’s Day, Japanese women who give presents (mainly chocolates) to men. Men are supposed to return gifts to women on a day called “White Day” (March 14th), a Japanese creation.

salon du chocolat, Isetan

Women give chocolates not only to their loved ones. The chocolate given to men such as bosses, colleagues or male friends that women have no romantic interest in, just for friendship or gratitude which is called “Giri-choko (obligation chocolate).”

salon du chocolat, Isetan


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