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MUJI ventures various businesses in Japan

muji store
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After MUJI New York store was opened in 2007, “MUJI” has been known internationally as much as “UNIQULO”.

In Japan, they have started as a private brand of the supermarket giant “SEIYU” in 1980’s. (Now it has become independent and been managed by“Ryohin Keikaku CO., Ltd.” )

Their first shop was opened in Aoyama, Tokyo in 1983. It is not a luxurious upmarket brand, but the fairly priced ultra simple & minimal products of theirs must have appealed to the taste of Japanese people.


muji camp site

Flower MUJI
muji flower

In Japan, they also venture various other businesses not operated overseas, including three camping sites, floral shop “Hanayoshi”, cafe & delicatessen “Cafe&Meal MUJI”, as well as a housing business.

Café&Meal MUJI
cafe meal muji

無印良品[無印良品の家] (MUJI HOUSING)
muji house

They are a company that proposes customers the entire life-style and offers products for all aspects of individual lives.
But you know, people who are so dependant on MUJI are somehow looked down and called “Mujirer”.

MUJI U.S.A. Limited
MUJI OUTDOOR WEB (in Japanese)
Flower MUJI (in Japanese)
Cafe&Meal MUJI (in Japanese)
Ryohin Keikaku CO., Ltd. (MUJI Head office)

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