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Hatsumode ; the first shrine visiting of the New Year

kanda myojin 1

For Japanese people, “Oshogatsu”, the New Year’s holiday time is a more important festivity than Christmas. Many of us‘d go to shrines and pray for a happy life in the new year.

Taga-taishya 1
Taga Taisha

I have been to two shrines, one is Taga Taisha in Taga-cho, Siga Prefecture & the other is Kanda Myojin in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

Ise bridge
Ise bridge by Mr. Mark

The most famous shrine in Japan is the Ise Jingu in Ise-shi, Mie Prefecture. The Japanese Prime Minister goes there, too. Above all, this is the shrine where the Imperial ancestors are enshrined.

kanda myojin 2
Kanda Myojin

Kanda Myojin is known as the God of Business. And many companies from all over Tokyo, – form the largest business enterprise to the business owners of small & medium sized companies visit there and pray for a good business for the year. Well, well what will this year be like?

kanda myojin 3

Hatsumōde (Wikipedia)
Japanese New Year (Wikipedia)
Tokyo Hotels (HotelTravel.com)

Coca Cola (Japan)’s remote-controled car


I bought a Coca Cola remote-controled car at Seven-Eleven, Japan. So tiny like Choro-Q.


These models are 4 type of successive delivery trucks. 1930s, 1940s, 1970s, and 2007. The controllers looks like vending machines of the time!!


Coca Cola Japan’s remote-controled car /Seven-Eleven, Japan(in Japanese)

Hato Sable zakka


Toshimaya “Hato Sable” is very famous souvenir cookie (or biscuit) :) you can get the cookie or some sweets almost anywhere in Tokyo.

BUT if you’d like to get their cute “Hato (pigeon)” zakka, you must go the head shop in Kamakura Kanagawa!!
I’ve got charms and magnet set ;) the big pigeon is real tasty Hato Sable.

鎌倉の味 鳩サブレー 豊島屋

A shoe made of wrapping paper


Look! You can make such a pretty shoe with wrapping papers!
Well, unfortunately you cannot actually wear them of course, but it is so lovely just looking and admiring them, isn’t it? You can get your favorite shoe with your choice of beautiful wrapping papers.


It comes with patterns, so photocopy & enlarge them to your shoe size, and make a real-size paper shoe of your own!

paper craft shoe 1

Get a glue and a pair of scissors ready! Oh, I wish this paper shoe was a real one.

(Amazon japan)

Fergie’s “kawaii” Japanese lingerie

The Japanese “kawaii” lingerie brand “Peach John” will release their new lingerie line produced by Fergi.


Peach John” is a mail order lingerie brand so popular among Japanese girls, just like a Japanese version of the Victoria’s secret.



This time, Fergie is appearing on the front page of the latest Peach John’s catalogue. Her lingerie is named as “Fergie×PJ/Pick it up SET”, and There will be two types of sets; one includes a set of 5 items – a bra, a panty, a camisole, a lingerie pouch and an anklet, and the other is a set of 7 items or 5 different panties, a lingerie pouch and an anklet.
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World celebrities on Japanese ads : part 2

Followed by the last issue (World celebrities on Japanese ads), let me introduce other Japanese ads featured by the celebrities form overseas.

The most stand-out of this category is definitively the ad by a mobile phone company “SoftBank” featuring Cameron Diaz & Brad Pitt.

brad pitt

by p22311919

cameron diaz

by p22311919

The TV ad is quite simple. They are walking on the streets or dancing while talking on their mobile phones. Each version plays an old hit music (ex. The Kinks”You Really Got Me”,Olivia Newton John “Xanadu”, Swing Out Sister”Breakout” etc.) as BGM, which makes it even more impressive. Well, they are not set as lovers in the ad, by the way. (Serch “softbank” in YouTube)
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

The partner of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie is also appearing in a Japanese ad. She is selected for the ads of a luxury brand “INTEGRATE” from Shiseido, which is the most popular cosmetic company in the Asia region. I think the lipsticks look really good on her thick, large lips.
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

SoftBank (in Japanese)

Armani ginza tower

Armani ginza tower 1

Armani ginza tower was opened in Ginza, Tokyo Nov, 2007.

The total floor area is 6,000 square meters, 12 floors on the ground and 2 levels of under-ground. In addition to its headquarter and showroom functions, it includes fashion brands such as “GIORGIO ARMANI” or “EMPORIO ARMANI”, as well as an interior brand “ARMANI CASA“, a treatment space “ARMANI SPA” and a restaurant “ARMANI Restaurante” which offers simple, North Italian based original cuisine.

Armani ginza tower 3

I think that the Japanese-bamboo inspired facade, which they put in front of the building, shows ARMANI ‘s own view of Japanese concept.

Armani ginza tower 2

Next to it, there are “Dior ”buildings, and “Gucci” across the street. This street apposes the flagship stores of world-famous luxury brands in Japan, and could be the most standout area in Ginza.

Armani ginza tower

Sumio Kawakami’s Cards

Japanese trump card 1

This is a reprinted edition of Sumio Kawakami’s playing cards originally produced in1939.

Sumio Kawakami, born in1895, was an artist-printmaker. She had visited to Victoria in Canada, Seattle in the US and Alasaka for one year after graduating her high school, and then became an English teacher at her local high school when she returned in 1921 (Taisho 10).

While teaching, she played a key role in original woodblock printing, which was in its flourishing period in Japan at that time. She has created her own style with works of exotic themes.

Japanese trump card 2

I did not know she produced such a cute set of cards. You can get them from Amazon Japan.

Art Museum of Sumio Kawakami (in Japanese)
Sumio Kawakami’s Cards (Amazon japan)


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