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Gin no budou tube cake

grape cake01

This marron tube cake is made by Gin no budou. Gin no budou which means the silver grape is one of my favorite Japanese confectionery companys. They produce sweets of the season.

Gin no budou (in Japanese)

mina perhonen’s bird printed bag

takakos closet

I got a new bag from mina perhonen. Akira Minagawa’s brand is called mina perhonen. “Mina”means “I” in finish and “perhonen” means “butterfly”. The butterfly is a symbol for his brand, his highly femenine fashion evokes images of wings fluttering in the air.

mina perhonen bag

The Mina Perhonen brand is known for its prints. His works are unforgetable. They’re never be way behind the times.

mina perhonen

minä perhonen

Tsumori Chisato shoes

takakos closet

I got a new gold shoes form Tsumori Chisato. There are many cat’s face on the toes.

Tsumori Chisato shoes02

Tsumori Chisato shoes01

Tsumori Chisato – Fashion Show – Spring 2007 – Ready to Wear Collections – ELLE

World celebrities on Japanese ads : part 3

Here is “World celebrities on Japanese ads”No,3!.



Brillia Mare Ariake (site)

Firstly this is an ad for a exclusive subdivision housing complex featuring Madonna. Its poster has also been found around Tokyo’s subways sometime ago.

TV ad
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I guess they’d tried get Madonna to bring up those exclusive housing’s image, but because Madonna just does not have an air of domestic lifestyle in her, there seemed to be a little gap.

Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt may possibly be the most favorite celebrities among Japanese people. This is the ads by the Jeans Company “Edwin”.
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Shimamura ; Japanese apparel chain stores

shimamura 4

We know that the Japanese fashion chain-store company “Uniqulo” has been expanding their market to NY(UNIQLO Soho New York Store), London(UNIQLO UK stores), Hong Kong and Seoul(UNIQLO KOREA). But “Shimamura” is secretly popular among “Country side” in Japan, too.

In fact most people in big cities have never heard of “Shimamura”. The company researches the fashions & styles that are popular in the big cities such as Tokyo or Osaka, get the products similar to those and sell them surprisingly cheep.

shimamura 3

During this holiday, I have been there for the first time and bought a lot, because they offer reasonably stylish stuff at very low price.

shimamura 1
Shimamura’s billboard

“Shimamura” has ventured in Taiwan under the name of “流行服飾館 思夢樂 (Shimura)”, so maybe those who live in Taiwan are already familiar with them.

Shimamura (in Japanese)

Marunouchi HOUSE

marunouchi house 2

Marunouchi” is the business center of Japan and Japanese headquarters of those trading firms and major financial institutes are standing side by side here.

shin-marunouchi building by .Amy.huimei98.

Marunouchi HOUSE” has been opened last year as a community place where the people who work for these companies to meet and communicate. It is located on the 7th floor of the Shin-Marunouchi Building with cafes, restaurants and bars. In the open space, people can get together bringing the food & drinks they select from those shops.

marunouchi house 1

You can look down Tokyo station or Imperial Palace from up there, and it is transformed to a club space with famous DJs playing at night. (I haven’t been there myself yet, but heard that DJs like Tei Towa and FPM’d played there.)

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Because the concept is to “invite” your friends to Marunouchi, the area seems to be a sort of “established” during the day time, but “Marunouchi HOUSE” at night sounds like a casual and fun place. If you have a change to come to Tokyo, why don’t you check there?

(marunouchi) HOUSE
Marunouchi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sunao Kuwahara’s tonkichi bag

takakos closet

Sunao Kuwahara's tonkichi bag

The piggy’s name is tonkichi. These tonkichi bags are designed by Sunao Kuwahara. Sunao Kuwahara is one of Japan’s most successful designers.

Sunao Kuwahara's tonkichi bag02

Sunao Kuwahara A-net

Kagami mochi ; Japanese traditional new year decoration


Kagami mochi,literally mirror rice cake, is a traditional Japanese New Year decoration. It usually consists of two round mochi (rice cakes), the smaller placed a top the larger, and a mikan (a Japanese bitter orange) with an attached leaf on top.

Further to this, it may have a sheet of konbu and a skewer of dried persimmons under the mochi.

by midorisyu

It is traditionally broken and eaten in a Shinto ritual called kagami biraki (mirror opening) on the second Saturday or Sunday of January.

Kagami mochi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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