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World celebrities on Japanese ads : part 3

Here is “World celebrities on Japanese ads”No,3!.



Brillia Mare Ariake (site)

Firstly this is an ad for a exclusive subdivision housing complex featuring Madonna. Its poster has also been found around Tokyo’s subways sometime ago.

TV ad
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I guess they’d tried get Madonna to bring up those exclusive housing’s image, but because Madonna just does not have an air of domestic lifestyle in her, there seemed to be a little gap.

Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt may possibly be the most favorite celebrities among Japanese people. This is the ads by the Jeans Company “Edwin”.

The setting is in an ordinary residential area in Japan, suddenly Brad is appearing and asking to the everyday-young Japanese people “What do you think of my jeans?” a sort of surprising situation. Because of this ad, Brad Pitt may have been considered rather a comical actor?

Paris Hillton and Nicky Hilton


As introduced previously “Samantha Thavasa” is a Japanese bag company and they use the sister of Paris Hillton and Nicky Hilton for their ads. They also sell the products designed by them and seem to occasionally come and visit the shop, as reported by medias.



None of these are so well known at their home?

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