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Armani ginza tower

Armani ginza tower 1

Armani ginza tower was opened in Ginza, Tokyo Nov, 2007.

The total floor area is 6,000 square meters, 12 floors on the ground and 2 levels of under-ground. In addition to its headquarter and showroom functions, it includes fashion brands such as “GIORGIO ARMANI” or “EMPORIO ARMANI”, as well as an interior brand “ARMANI CASA“, a treatment space “ARMANI SPA” and a restaurant “ARMANI Restaurante” which offers simple, North Italian based original cuisine.

Armani ginza tower 3

I think that the Japanese-bamboo inspired facade, which they put in front of the building, shows ARMANI ‘s own view of Japanese concept.

Armani ginza tower 2

Next to it, there are “Dior ”buildings, and “Gucci” across the street. This street apposes the flagship stores of world-famous luxury brands in Japan, and could be the most standout area in Ginza.

Armani ginza tower

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posted by Natori , 1月 18, 2008 7:37:05 (Tokyo) :

These are my favorite brands too. Going to Tokyo next month. Any word on Marcela Calvet opening a store there too? What other names can be found in the area? I am so looking forward to my trip.


posted by Yamada , 1月 18, 2008 11:00:18 (Tokyo) :

Yes! There are many brands shop CHANEL,COACH,HERMES,FENDI,PRADA,LOUIS VUITTON,LOEWE,and more. I think also you have nice trip !

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