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Sumio Kawakami’s Cards

Japanese trump card 1

This is a reprinted edition of Sumio Kawakami’s playing cards originally produced in1939.

Sumio Kawakami, born in1895, was an artist-printmaker. She had visited to Victoria in Canada, Seattle in the US and Alasaka for one year after graduating her high school, and then became an English teacher at her local high school when she returned in 1921 (Taisho 10).

While teaching, she played a key role in original woodblock printing, which was in its flourishing period in Japan at that time. She has created her own style with works of exotic themes.

Japanese trump card 2

I did not know she produced such a cute set of cards. You can get them from Amazon Japan.

Art Museum of Sumio Kawakami (in Japanese)
Sumio Kawakami’s Cards (Amazon japan)

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