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Hysteric Glamour’s sweater and knit cap : Skull lover 3

takakos closet

Hysteric Glamour’s sweater and knit cap

These are a sweater and a knit cap with skull prints by Hysteric Glamour.
If I wear both of them at the same time, it would be too much.

Hysteric Glamour’s sweater

Hysteric Glamour’s sweater 2

Hysteric Glamour (Japanese site)
Hysteric Glamour (US site)

Hello Kitty bouquet

I found them at Sanrio official flower and zakka shop. kitty’s face made by white carnations.

Hello Kitty bouquet

They make passersby happy smile. (^-^)
I hope someone adopt them soon!

hello kitty bouquet

flower gift ; Sanrio Online Shop (ships Japan only)

Handmade shoes shop “Sonomitsu”

sonomitsu handmade shoes

I introduce handmade a shoes shop “Sonomitsu” in Tokyo.
They’d measure your size and tailor a pair of just-fit shoes for you in its workshop-store space. They have a branch in Fukuoka.

sonomitsu handmade shoes

Last several years, those craft made products have been booming in Japan. Partly due to the poor quality of the products produced in those emerging countries such as China, I wonder if this sort of order-made brand will be more exciting in the coming years.

sonomitsu handmade shoes shop

4-4-27 yanaka tatito-ku tokyo
CLOSE Thursday

Tokyo wonder?! vending machines in the railroad station

I went back to my parents home on holidays.
Waiting for the train, I noticed toooo many vending machines in the station.
Yes, the station is on the outskirts of Tokyo. But not so small one, not so much wait time.

vending machines

These machines are selling snacks & sweets, food supplements, paperbacks,
of course hot & cold drinks, and newspapers!

news paper vending machine

You can see a convenience store behind the newspapers vending machine. A lot of foods and goods in there. Moreover, there’s coffee shop & juice bar in the back of the store.

I could not understand why & who sets so many vending machines…(?_?)

Japanese vending machines – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Happy time in “izakaya” !

izakaya 01

Many kinds of izakaya are open near my house, because huge universities are around here. Students enjoy drink with friends or someone steady (-_^)*

To tell the truth, I don’t touch alcohol beverages (T_T) but I love izakaya!
Delicious foods and non-alcohol drinks in there.

izakaya 03

Follow to the custom, a staff gave us hot wet towels in big smile, then an otoshi were served. Next what we did is you know… “Kanpai! (cheers!)”

izakaya 02

Izakaya – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tou Chou (The Sweet Dynasty)


My friends and I had a sweets break at TOU CHOU (The Sweet Dynasty). We had a TOU CHOU original parfait, a Tofu pudding with mango which is a brand-name desser and mango puddings.


If you go to TOU CHOU,you can’t miss the sweets. They are heaven!!


TOU CHOU (The Sweet Dynasty)

What Japanese food “Monjayaki” ?

monjayaki 01

Do you know “monjayaki”? It’s similar to “okonomiyaki”, but “monjayaki” is known as a snack food of Kanto area including Tokyo, while “okonomiyaki” is its counter-food in West Japan such as Hiroshima or Osaka.

This is “okonomiyaki”.
“okonomiyaki” by laughlin

“monjayaki” is made like this: Firstly mix the ingredients like cabbages and sea food with water and flour, then place the mixture on a heated plate. As you turn and mind the mixtures with scraper tool, the liquids is evaporated. Once the mixture is partially sort of burnt it is ready. Now you’d take the individual smaller scraper and help yourself a small portion by scraping the cooked (burnt) mixture directly from the plate.

The way of cooking and eating “monjayaki”
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

I know eating burnt bits is rather wired and shocking way of eating, but it is tasty.

monjayaki 03
eating “monjayaki”

There is a “monjayaki” restaurant that had celebrities including Brad Pitt visited in Tukishima, a downtown area of Tokyo. I reckon trying ”monjayaki” is becoming a part of Tokyo tourism for foreigners?

Monjayaki – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Omamori” ; Japanese lucky charm (amulets)

by Kanko*

When the New Year has arrived, I’d always visit a shrine for Hatumode, and consult an oracle or get a lucky charm (amulets) each year. Of course I did so this year, too.

The lucky charms usually categorized by the area of your wish such as “prosperous business”, “successful study”, “well-being of family” and “fulfillment of love or wish for finding a partner”.

by Kanko*

Nowadays, they have more fun sort of luck charms featuring the popular characters such as Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty or Snoopy and they are all cute. But I think that those traditional lucky charms with delicate fabrics are still very pretty.

Happy Hello Kitty Omamori (Strapya World!)

There are some books (in Japanese) introducing the lucky charms form shrines and temples in Kyoto.

omamori kyoto

Omamori – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Omamori (about.com)


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