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marimekko mouse


Are you satisfied “looks” around your PC? It’s ok but these are not kawaii, I think :(

I went to Bic-Camera electronics shop the other day,then found they were having a sale on “marimekko laser mouse” !!

My mouse at 8tote office was a ball mouse, so I’ve got it :)
Now I’m happy it became easy to work and kawaii!!

Link(japanese maker “kokuyo”site)
Cool Hunting: Marimekko Mouse

Chichu Art Museum (Benesse House trip : part 3)

chichu art museum

The Chichu Art Museum is exceptionally superb even among the great Tadao Ando’s works.

While it has its own artistic appeal, it also somehow brings out the attraction of works by Claude Monet, Walter de Maria, James Turrell and so on so splendidly.



Unfortunately I was not able to take the photos of the art works themselves, but I hope you’d enjoy the architecture of the Chichu Art Museum.



Well, there was also a little garden mimicked the Monet’s Water-Lily Pond near the Chichu Art Museum, which I found very so uncool….


Chichu Art Museum
The Chichu Art Museum (Studio International)

“DECODEN”: bling bling styled cellphones


We call a cell phone decorated with Swarovski or pretty plastic parts “DECODEN”. Just like the nail arts, we decorate our mobile phone, NINTENDO DS or even digital camera.


There are a lot of decoration tools and parts available, or you can get a pre-decorated sheet, which you’d only need to seal on. So if you’d come to Tokyo, why don’t you try “DECODEN”?

decoden parts

decoden parts

Decoden report(Nikkei TRENDY net)
Dekoden(Decoden webshop)

Naoshima Benesse House trip : part 2

benesse art house

Most buildings of the Benesse House are the works of architect Tadao Ando.

And inside & outside of the buildings, you would find the various modern arts by Bruce Nauman, Walter De Maria, Cai Guo-Qiang and so on.

The concept they drive is that you’d see the entire island itself as an art space, so not only the Benesse House, but also those traditional Japanese houses preserved on the island exhibit artworks.


The rich nature of the island is also one of the important artistic elements of the Naoshima island. That is why the Chichu Art Museum has been built under the ground.

naoshima-nature class=

In this way, it would not spoil the beautiful natural landscape.
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Matsuya Department transformes Louis Vuitton suitcase

Matsuya Department Louis Vuitton

The“Matsuya”Department Store in Ginza has been transformed to a Louis Vuitton Monogram suitcase!

Matsuya Department Louis Vuitton

They have applied the “monogram multi-colors” of the artist Takashi Murakami’s. The illuminations are changed every 30 min. and light up the monograms in blue, purple or other various colors.

Matsuya Department Louis Vuitton

Matsuya Department Louis Vuitton

There was the new Bvlgari building next to it, too.

ginza Bvlgari building

Louis Vuitton

Naoshima Benesse House trip : part 1

naoshima logo

Yes, I’ve just been to Benesse House – Benesse Art Site Naoshima! The Benesse House is located on the Naoshima island of Setonaikai Sea. From Tokyo, it is a 3 1/2 hrs trip by air & ferry.


by shrk

naoshima access

On the first day, we left the Haneda airport at night, and it was about 22:00pm by the time we arrived at the Takamatsu airport. Had the famous Sanuki Udon noodle and went to bed on that night.


Next morning, we were going to the Naoshima island by ferry.


Benesse House – Benesse Art Site Naoshima
Naoshima travel guide – Wikitravel
Naoshima, Kagawa – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport

The domestic terminal airport, Haneda Airport is conveniently located for a trip by air within the country.

Haneda Airport

Most international flights use Narita Airport,but in case some of international flights use Haneda Airport.

Haneda Airport

The nickname is “Big bard”. You must be careful as it has got Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. You’d be in trouble if you take a wrong one by mistake!

It is quite a fun place with many stores such as the famous Japanese confectionary shop “Toraya”.

Haneda Airport Toraya

BIG BIRD(Haneda Airport)
Tokyo International Airport – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
TORAYA English Web Page | TORAYA Confectionery

“The Rainbow Bridge”

rainbow bridge
by LE Eyes

rainbow bridge
by etrepum
It named because of its changing nighttime lights, Rainbow Bridge spans the bay from Minato-ku to Odaiba one of Tokyo’s premier wining and dining areas.

Flickr: Search “Rainbow Bridge Tokyo”
Rainbow Bridge (Tokyo) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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