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Autumn in Kyoto : Kyoto Trip part 1

Kiyomizu Tenmple stage

Hey, I’ve just been to Kyoto by bullet train! In this time of the year in Kyoto, “Koyo”(紅葉)- autumn colored leaves are the best thing, more than anything else.

At temples and shrines, there were many people from all over Japan to enjoy the beautiful “Koyo” landscape.

kiyomizu-temple 2

Kiyomizu Tenmple

Kiyomizu Tenmple koyo

Maybe due to the global warming, the season of “Koyo” has been shifted year by year. You know it’s already December, and we say it is the best time for the autumn leaves. That sounds a bit wired, don’t you think?

kyoto maiko?

The photo of Maiko(like “Geisha”)is probably a tourist in that costume. They said that the make-up services for the tourist have been very popular recently. This is not a real Maiko, so don’t mistake!

Autumn leaves (koyo) in Japan
Japanese fall foliage destinations in Kyoto – Autumn in Japan
Kyoto Winter Special 2008

Christmas party : Balcony (Japanese fashion brand)


I went to the christmas party hosted by Balcony last friday. Every one had a good time with organic foods. They are cute models wearing dresses by Balcony.


Balcony WEB

The stars and Lucha Libre twinkle on my hair!?

takakos closet

They are rubber Bands hair accessories and cell phone straps by Raffia.
twinkle star

Lucha Libre

They are rubber Bands hair accessories and cell phone straps by Raffia.


Hunting golden leaves : Jingu-Gaien park in Aoyama

jingugaien fall

We went to Jingu-Gaien park in Aoyama to enjoy golden ginkgo leaves.

In Japanese, We did “momiji-gari”, means “color-tinted leaves hunt” Hunt nothing, just go out to enjoy leaves ;)

jingugaien fall

Maybe most of the time we are going to mountain, so it calls “hunt”. I think it’s peaceful recreation!

These ginkgo woods are becoming 100 years old in 2008! wow!

Tokyo by Area -Jingu Gaien(Meiji Shrine Outer Garden Area)-

Cell phone straps by ANKH : Skull lover 2

takakos closet

They are cell phone straps by ANKH. The skulls are my favorite,of course.


Tokyo tower (and wax museum)

tokyo tower

by kobakou

The Tokyo Tower is 333 meters high. Since 1958 is has been the world’s tallest self-supporting iron tower.The tower is painted in white and orange to meet aviation safety regulations. The Tokyo tower broadcasts 14 signals for radio and television.

tokyo tower

by kobakou

An aquarium, wax museum and several more attractions can be found on the ground floors of the tower.

tokyo tower wax museum
by marahami

This is Frank Zappa wax dall. The wax museum director may likes progressive rock.

TOKYO TOWER / Tokyo Tower Data

World celebrities on Japanese ads

Many celebrities from overseas appear in the Japanese ads.

It is probably because the Japanese clients pay pretty well, and the image of celebrities from overseas would increase the brand value more than having local celebrities in Japan.

victoria beckham on japanese ad

Victoria Beckham on “Samanatha Thavasa“(Japanese emerging bag brand)

tommy lee jones on japanese ad

Tommy Lee Jones on Japanese canned coffee brand “BOSS” ad

It is also a characteristic of the ads with foreign celebrities that many of them tend to be comical and friendly sort of ads films, as seen in that canned coffee ads featuring Tommy Lee Jones.

Alien Tommy Lee Jones Mission #11 Hot Spring [English Sub]
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

On the other hand, our own Japanese actress Rinko Kikuch who was in the movie “Babel” now appears in the ads for Chanel. I wonder how it’s received over there.

rinko kikuchi chanel ads

Merry Green Christmas in Isetan (again)

I went to Isetan today and found there’s a green forest in the shop…
People are queueing to buy “Green Santa Christmas charity” BE@RBRICK.
I also queued and get them!!

merry green christmas

merry green christmas


I think it is very good kawaii become charity, but slightly disappointed they cut the woods for this event :(

Isetan:Merry Green Christmas
OPENERS | Merry Green Christmas
Green Santa


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