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Cup cake paradise

Cup cake paradise 3

Cup cake paradise 2

Cup cake paradise 1

It’s very happy to be surrounded by theses cup cakes.


Snoopy Manju

Snoopy Manju 2

Snoopy Manju contain custard in it. You can get it only at Universal Studios Japan. It’too cute to eat,but it was tasty.

Snoopy Manju 1

Snoopy Manju 3

Manjū (饅頭, Manjū?) is a popular traditional Japanese confection.

Imahan soboro bento

Imahan soboro bento

Crumbled and seasoned meat/egg are generally called “soboro”(そぼろ) in Japanese. Soboro are often used as toppings on steamed rice.

Different colored soboro are presented on top of the rice in a lunch box. Very tasty.


USJ’s souvenirs


I went to Universal Studios Japan which is one of three Universal Studios theme parks, this one in Osaka, Japan.

I got some souvenirs at the Universal Studios. They are all sweets. These packages are sooo fun.

USJ's souvenirs 2

USJ's souvenirs 1

Universal Studios Japan

Paper item (D-bros and m&m&m’s )

It comes to the time that greeting cards and the next year calendars are getting your attention.

Don’t you feel a kind of uplifted when you see a lot of pretty paper items anyway? Today, I’d like to share this info about my favorite paper products.



D-bros” is a brand produced by two graphic artists. Not only Tokyo, but some shops in NY, Paris and Milan have their products, too. You can download some desktop calendars from their website, “enjoyment” section.
D-bros shopping site


m&m&m’s” is a brand that creates an original, single-piece paper products using laces, ribbons and western wrapping papers. If you find one of their stuff, you must get it right away ! ‘Cause their things will disappear from the shop as soon as they are displayed!

m&m&m’s shopping site

Hikone Castle (Hikonyan on YouTube)

Hikone Castle

Hikone is a city located just in the middle between Kyoto and Nagoya. There is the Hikone Castle, which was built in 1600’s, and is now designated as a national treasure.

Hikone Castle

Hikone Castle

This year, the mascot character “Hikonyan”, created for their tourism campaign has become very popular, triggered by the video clip introduced on the YouTube. It has been played more than 200,000 times in total.

Hikonyan 2

There were groups of very excited girls exclaiming “Kawaii!!!” and taking photos in front of the Hikone Castle.

and brodcasted to all japan.
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Hikone Castle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hikone, Shiga – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Keibunsya-Bookstore : Kyoto Trip Part 2

Keibunsha ichijyoji store 2

Keibunsya-book store is a place I always stop by when I visit to Kyoto. This book store is really worth a visit. Keibunsya is “a select shop of books, and things around books” with adjoining shops of Zakka, CD& DVD and an art gallery.

Keibunsha ichijyoji store 3

It is like a landmark which sends out various cultures from Kyoto to the rest of the nation.

If you say that you wanna check out the most interesting place in Kyoto, I’d definitely recommend the Keibunsya .


Kyoto Tower : Kyoto Trip Part 2

Kyoto Tower

The Kyoto tower just stands out most, around the Kyoto station. But in fact, the local people in Kyoto think that the Kyoto tower is a shame for them.

They say because it looks like a stick of candle that is kind of indicating a stereo type of Kyoto, and it is not as high (131m) as to be called a “tower” etc.

There are souvenir shops, a book store, restaurants and even a hot spa inside the Kyoto tower. So why don’t you visit?

Kyoto Tower – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Welcome to Kyoto – Kyoto Tower -


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