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Happee Jagabee

I’m a Jagabeelover, simple salt taste potato snack:9

jagabee cup

Maybe you know Japanese companies loves to make characters for their merchandise. They are trying to get costomers feeling friendly or kawaii. Jagabee also have a character. it is a fairy of potatoes. but it has no name!
你也許知道日本公司很喜歡給他們的商品打造形象。他們很努力地想要給顧客親切可愛的感覺。Jagabee(薯條先生)也有自己的代言人- 是一個馬鈴薯精靈,不過他現在還沒有名字。

jagabee fairies

One day I realised the fairy draw on the cup are sometime different, odds low.
regular one is it bowing to us. Others are looks like enjoy playing in lucky charms!!
有一天我發現杯子上面畫的小精靈有時候會不一樣,不過很難見到。通常小精靈都在對我們鞠躬不過有些在很開心地玩著lucky charm.

I found rainbow, four leaved clover,and sleeping on the moon (sorry, I ate up and throw away the moon cup!!!) The fairy always says “Happee”, yes Jagabee always make me happy yummy.
我還有找到彩虹,四葉草,和睡在月亮上面(抱歉哦,這個被我吃完丟掉啦!)的精靈。小精靈都在講”Happee”, Jagabee(薯條先生)真的是讓我覺得又開心又好吃!

Happee Jagabee
Calbee Jagabee(jbox.com)

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