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Autumn in Kyoto : Kyoto Trip part 1

Kiyomizu Tenmple stage

Hey, I’ve just been to Kyoto by bullet train! In this time of the year in Kyoto, “Koyo”(紅葉)- autumn colored leaves are the best thing, more than anything else.

At temples and shrines, there were many people from all over Japan to enjoy the beautiful “Koyo” landscape.

kiyomizu-temple 2

Kiyomizu Tenmple

Kiyomizu Tenmple koyo

Maybe due to the global warming, the season of “Koyo” has been shifted year by year. You know it’s already December, and we say it is the best time for the autumn leaves. That sounds a bit wired, don’t you think?

kyoto maiko?

The photo of Maiko(like “Geisha”)is probably a tourist in that costume. They said that the make-up services for the tourist have been very popular recently. This is not a real Maiko, so don’t mistake!

Autumn leaves (koyo) in Japan
Japanese fall foliage destinations in Kyoto – Autumn in Japan
Kyoto Winter Special 2008

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