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Japanese fashion snap photo

In the last few years, the Japanese fashion scene has been shifted from fashion magazines and famous brands to lead it, to the boys & girls in town to actually lead the “it” fashion of the time.

The Japanese fashion industry seem to watch and follow the phenomenon calling it as 、”Street Fashion” or “Real Clothes”. This shows on those snap shots taken by them on the street.

Let me show you some of the website that you can check out those fashion snaps!

Japanese Street Fashion Site – Tokyo Street Style -


This is an English site. You can see the trends of fashion varies as they are taken in the various areas in Tokyo.



These are taken in Omotesando. In Omotesando various media people come and take those fashion snaps every weekend.


drop fashion

The photos on this site have been taken in Omotesando and Harajyuku.

ar-um (street snaps)


The photos on this site have been taken in Daikanyama. I suppose that there are many “Real Cloth” styled girls there.

Fashion snap1000



This site introduces photos taken by a single photographer in all over Japan.

Haagen-Daz new flavor “Kokuto & Kuromitsu” : Ice Cream Diary part4

Ice Cream Diary part4 : Hargen - Dazs

This is Japanese only new flavor “Kokuto & Kuromitsu” from Haagen-dazs.
Brown Cane Sugar and Brown Sugar Syrup Flavor
It is made with native brown cane sugar of Okinawa. Very rich taste.

Haagen-Dazs(Japanese site)

Gucci 2007 Holiday Campaign to Benefit UNICEF

Gucci 2007 Holiday Campaign

I saw the Gucci bags for the 2007 Holiday Campaign to Benefit UNICEF in the show-windows at Gucci Ginza.


While Salon Stone participates a benefit party or Madonna is planning for a charity live to appeal for saving Malawi next year, it is their third year, Gucci seems to be active with social contribution activities among those luxury brands.

Don’t you agree that it’s cool to be able to contribute the benefits by giving a bag for Christmas?


Velour bag from Beams

takakos closet

I just got a new velour bag from Beams. It has a nice and soft touch.

velour bag 2

velour bag 1

Beams (in Japanese)

Mister Donut “misdo” cell phone strap

misdo gashapon donut

I went to KIDDY LAND and checked out Gachapon machines. There’s many Gachapon machines on each floor. I throw 100yen coin into one of these, to try my luck.

real donut gashapon donuts

Mister Donut is Japanese famous donut shop (Once an American donut franchise). Their 10 type of donuts were become tiny figures:9

I’ve got “angel french” fluffy donut & “chocolate ring” classic cake
dough donut. Looks yummy but cannot eat, of course;)

misdo gashapon

Mister Donut(in Japanese)
Mister Donut “misdo” mobile strap(in Japanese)
KIDDY LAND: For the human smile, celebrating 60 years of history

Happy Holidays!! (Japanaese Christmas cakes)

I wish you have a happy happy holdidays.

Happy Holidays !!

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays!!

TakanoChristmas Strawberry Short Cake(Christmas Strawberry Short Cake)
Bigot(Buche de Noel)

Happee Jagabee

I’m a Jagabeelover, simple salt taste potato snack:9

jagabee cup

Maybe you know Japanese companies loves to make characters for their merchandise. They are trying to get costomers feeling friendly or kawaii. Jagabee also have a character. it is a fairy of potatoes. but it has no name!
你也許知道日本公司很喜歡給他們的商品打造形象。他們很努力地想要給顧客親切可愛的感覺。Jagabee(薯條先生)也有自己的代言人- 是一個馬鈴薯精靈,不過他現在還沒有名字。

jagabee fairies

One day I realised the fairy draw on the cup are sometime different, odds low.
regular one is it bowing to us. Others are looks like enjoy playing in lucky charms!!
有一天我發現杯子上面畫的小精靈有時候會不一樣,不過很難見到。通常小精靈都在對我們鞠躬不過有些在很開心地玩著lucky charm.

I found rainbow, four leaved clover,and sleeping on the moon (sorry, I ate up and throw away the moon cup!!!) The fairy always says “Happee”, yes Jagabee always make me happy yummy.
我還有找到彩虹,四葉草,和睡在月亮上面(抱歉哦,這個被我吃完丟掉啦!)的精靈。小精靈都在講”Happee”, Jagabee(薯條先生)真的是讓我覺得又開心又好吃!

Happee Jagabee
Calbee Jagabee(jbox.com)

What is “chara-ben”?


This chara-ben’s motif is “NARUTO“!!

Right now, the “chara-ben” is hugely booming among kids!

“Chara-ben” is a kid’s “bento” lunch box with rice, sausages or cheese making shapes of those popular characters. “Chara-ben”’s pronunciation is [kara-ben] .


You can even buy the recipes or tools specifically designed for making “chara-ben”.

“chara-ben ” recipe
Flickr: Photos from luckysundae


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