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Ice Cream Diary part2 : Hayashiya

Green tea Parfait and Hojicha(roasted green tea) Parfait at Hayashiya-chaen in Seibu department store. They are heaven!!

Green tea Parfait

Hojicha(roasted green tea) Parfait


Wonder closet in Levi’s world (at Shibuya Parco)

There was a nice looking “Levi’s” ad on the wall of Shibuya Parco.
It said “I was here when I realized” (in Japanese “being here” or “came” sounds same as another word meaning “wear”. )


levis_posing.jpgThere was a wonder closet behind the models, so they might have come to this wonderland through that closet?
Is this ad for Japan only or worldwide?

We passed through and tuned to the main entrance of Parco, and then there was another Levi’s ad. This one has a mirror where the upper body supposed to be!
My darling was posing in the mirror like an ad model that made me LOL!

Winter & Fall LEVI’S® LADY STYLE campaign

What is your lucky charm? 


We’ve just started selling “lucky charm totes” at the 8tote’s brick-and-mortar shop in Tokyo!

The baby pink tote comes with a dangling English antique key arranged with lacy ribbons. Of course, each key is unique. Isn’t it romantic?

We do have a lot of our own lucky charms in Japan, too. So I did a little search around my house.

Yes, I’ve got this “MANEGI (招布)” tapestry in my bathroom. See the six, colorful calabashes?  Six (Mu ) Calabashes (Hyotan) = MUBYO, and the pronunciation is same for another word that means “free from sickness” in Japanese.

Lucky charms bring us Good Luck & HAPPY SMILE ;)


FUROSHIKI : Japanese traditional “eco bag” ?

FUROSHIKI Japanese traditional eco bag

Have you ever heard of “FUROSHIKI”, Japanese traditional “eco bag” ?

Typically a square of 45cm x 45cm, or 103cm×103cm (There are also different sizes).


It is quite handy piece of cloth as you can wrap any shapes of any sizes, small or large, and when you don’t use it, you can simply fold it pretty small.

furoshiki patterns

Most FUROSHIKI have patterns of Japanese plants or traditions on them, however there are some geometric patterns or cute, modernized-traditional patterns nowadays. I heard that Mick Jagger has got a FUROSHIKI in Kyoto, too.

Kakefuda Kyoto – Famous Furoshiki Store
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

In Focus: How to use “Furoshiki” [MOE]
How to wrap with FUROSHIKI
KAKEFUDA (kyoto)

Ice Cream Diary part1:BABBI GERATO

BABBI GERATO are so fruity. I can eat all flavours!!




“fashion buildings”? Laforet,Parco,and,etc.

by shibainu(flickr)

If you are interested in “Tokyo Fashion” then the “Laforet” is well known among you? Well the “Parco”or “Marui” which have stores throughout all major cities in Japan.


Laforet website

“Lumine”, adjoining to a few major stations. they could be said that they are typical fashion buildings.


Lumine website

Usually many shops of casual clothing, shoes or accessories for young people (including mentally young people ) are gathered on a single floor.

It is not the latest top notch mode, but you can get good ideas of what sort of taste are in fashion in Tokyo. For example, one shop displays a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, next to a 30 dollar faked leather bag.

Don’t just stick with LOLITA and GOTHIC and have a look around!

Laforet (wikipedia English)

Tsumori Chisato for home wears

takakos closet

I got some neck warmers and Loungey socks. So cozy and cute.
Can you see the cat’s paws? They are slip stoppers.

Tsumori Chisato for home wears

Tsumori Chisato socks

Tsumori Chisato Sleep

Wonka chocolate

Wonka chocolate

I believe that this was made at the factory the Oompa-Loompas works.

The Official Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Film Site


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