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Asakusabashi – Shimojima,Kiwa,Mokuba

If I take you to look around Tokyo, I would take you to Asakusabashi.
Well, if around the JR Akihabara station is a “town of OTAKU nerds”, then the next stop Asakusabashi is a “town of handmade”.

You can get beads and accessories materials, ribbons and other hand craft stuff at wholesale price.

Because Asakusabashi is wholesale-stores area, you can also find many other goods like commercial wrapping papers, display supplies or artificial flowers.
Of course, many stores accept a purchase for retail, so I often visit Asakusabashi for shopping.

I’d recommend “Shimojima


Come out from the East Exit of JR Asakusabashi, walk to the left along the Edogawa Street , then next to a bakery there is 8-story shop building. That’s Shimojima’s 5th shop.. This one has the largest variety and number of goods of all Shimojima’s.
As it was close to Halloween, there were full of Halloween goods. (Google Maps)

If you are into beading accessories, then you should not miss visiting “KIWA”!
Come out from the East Exit of JR Asakusabashi, walk to the right along the Edogawa Street, then you see “KIWA” right away.


There are always so many people busy with getting their beads and accessory parts. (Google Maps)

Or if you like ribbons then check “MOKUBA”.


They have so many ravishingly gorgeous ribbons.
You can purchase from one meter. Take a roll you like to the counter and ask them to cut it to your desired length. (Google Maps)

Mokuba New York

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posted by Carol , 4月 21, 2009 0:59:01 (Tokyo) :

That’s an amazing amount of ribbons in one shop. Do you have the address or directions to the shop in Tokyo?


posted by admin , 4月 21, 2009 12:32:59 (Tokyo) :

I added url on this article.

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