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Japanese fashion magazines (+ free gifts)

Japanese fashion magazines

MORE“+”Cath Kidston

You know those girls’fashion magazines often offer various free gifts come with them.

Especially the Dec. issues, each mag has got a gorgeous free gift that I can not resist, so I end up buying it…..

Japanese fashion magazines

Clockwise from the bottom left, Charlotte Ronson’s pouch, MILKFED’s pouch, Cath Kidston’s pouch, Aesop’s Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturizing Masque, Banner Barrett’s charm and Maison Martin Margiela’s pouch.

Japanese fashion magazines

marie claire“+”Aesop

Japanese fashion magazines



sweet“+”banner barrett

And others like a key chain by Marc Jacobs or a Kitson’s tote, many of them are collaborated products with poplar fashion brands.

When those free gifts are so too pretty, the temptation always win over me…..

Omotesando’s Tongues : Japanese street ads

Johnson & Johnson tokyo ad

So many giant tongues on the walls and columns at the Omotesando Station!
This is actually an ad by Johnson & Johnson for their “REACH” mouthwash product for bad breath.

Johnson & Johnson tokyo ad

Johnson & Johnson tokyo ad

There are lots of cool street ads in Omotesando, so I will show them to you in a future article.

BUBBA GUMP in Tokyo : My favorite American dinner

My favorite American dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp in Toyosu. I always feel like having Dr Pepper with hamburgers. You can see The Rainbow Bridge from the restaurant. very romantic at night.

bubba-gump <p style=




Bubba Gump Shrimp in Toyosu

Kinako mochi chocolate


Little ‘one-bite’ delicacies from the convenience store. This is kinako mochi (soft pounded glutinous rice with a toasted soybean flour topping) in kinako-flavored white chocolate. it tastes just like an real kinako mochi!!


“TORINOICHI” : Japanese festival 

Yeah, I have been to “TORINOICH” in Asakusa!

“TORINOICH” is a local festival held in many places around Tokyo in Nov. And the most famous is this one at Asakusa’s.

There are many stalls lining up and selling the good-luck charm “kumade“(Japanese pitchfork)and many people buy them.

It is said that “kumade” would “sweep in the good-luck to you” so even famous politicians, artists or big companies get them every year. For example, The Governor of Tokyo and the Sony are among them! (I wonder that it’s hard for the people other than Japanese to get it !? )

This slidshow is by titanium22 (Hanazono-jinjya at Shinjuku 2006)

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

ASAKUSA Torinoichi

Coffee break in Ginza.



My friend and I had a coffee break at Bar Del Sole in Ginza. We had a cream puff and an eclair with latte macchiato. nice place for chatting.


Ningyo-yaki : small snack cakes


Ningyo-yaki is a small snack cake and is made by cooking batter of flour, eggs and sugar in an iron mold. They are sold both with and without “anko(sweet bean paste)” . While many ningyo-yaki are in a traditional shape of “shichifukujin “.

I got the ones in a shape of vegetable from Taishido. I can eat them at one bite.

Flickr: Search “ningyo-yaki”
Taishido(Ningyo-yaki shop)

I love “neko-nabe” family! (“neko” means cats, “nabe” means pans)

8t_nekonabe_yh.jpgToday I was surprised with seeing Yahoo Japan site! Because I’m a really BIG fan of “neko-nabe” family. You can see them in this site capture.

I heard Yahoo Japan is No.1 page view site in the world. Now they became ultra famous cats!

They were abandoned cats bros & sis. The girl who picked them up was troubled to think about names of 4 cats at a time.
She needs help, so put their movie on internet & explained their cute
characters. And she continued uploading their growth after a name was decided by viewers.


One day, one of the kitty named Nico-bo got into the broken pan and began to sleep. Other bros & sis copied him. Pans seems like very comfortable for them.



The cats are very close & always together. So they get into the pan which other cats sleeping by force . Always pans are too much crowded!! very humorous & kawaii! (^-^)
You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
Of course they are very cute even if not in the pan!
***Wishing them happiness forever***

“neko-nabe” family blog (Japanese only, “nekomamire” means a lot of cats)


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