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kamon generator

kamon generator

Kamon is a family symbol pattern, which has been passed down in each family for generations. Nowadays you don’t see it in everyday life. So many of you may even not know what your Kamon is.

kamon generator aya-taka

This new online service, which generates your Kamon by entering your name & date of birth, has started recently. This is a part of promotional activities conducted by Coca-Cola Japan for their Japanese green-tea beverage product.

Unfortunately only Japanese text is accepted. So I have tried to enter a few celebrities’ names in Japanese and get their Kamon made. How are they like?
Any Kawaii designs?

  • Paris Hilton = ひるとん ぱりす(in Japanese character) / February 17, 1981
  • kamon paris

    3 pigs on her kamon!

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    girls-only convinert store

    it’s DEMO

    Snacks, sweets, cosmetics, ZAKKA, music, accessories, cute wear & something…
    Yes, I cannot live without them.(^_-)*

    The “it’s DEMO” girls-only online convenient store knows what girls really want so well!.
    When you feel like getting something cheap & cute, or just want to feel nice and mellow by looking at those KAWAII stuff, you just go to “it’s DEMO” or “PLAZA STYLE”. Well, I know there are few more I adore, but can’t name them right now.
    You would often find yourself at those colorful & delightful shops as you enjoy looking around.
    And at the end, you just can’t help bringing something to the cash register!


    Ultra-cool knit cap : Hysteric Glamour

    takakos closet

    Hysteric Glamour ultra-cool knit cap

    I got this knit cap at Hysteric Glamour shop.
    This cap is actually for kids!!

    Hysteric Glamour, the ultra-cool,pop-culture fashion designed by Nobuhiko Kitamura.Exporting the amazingly unique look of Harajuki,Japan.

    Hysteric Glamour ultra-cool knit cap

    Hysteric Glamour ultra-cool knit cap


    “float Lab” Skincare Workshop

    float Lab

    “Float lab” is a workshop producing handmade skin care items.
    The instructor Yuki Onuma has been suffered from atopy and allergy, and been looking for cosmetic products that suit and gentle to her skin by studying the ingredients of commercial products.

    At the end, she made her own skincare, preservative-free and alcohol-free, then gradually regained her beautiful skin back.
    Her skincare items have become very popular and attracted may participants to her workshop.

    float Lab

    This time we’d make Wash Cream and Recovery Lotion.
    You just cannot live without this great Wash Cream, which looks like an ice cream with Oreo in, once you use it!.

    Recovery Lotion contains floral water of rose & lavender, as well as other moisturizing herb essences effective for restoring dry skin.
    Japanese girls put a lot of their efforts on keeping beautiful skin everyday.
    We believe that beautiful skin makes a beauty. It is an underlying concept of Japanese beauty. Well, so many cosmetic companies offer a wide range of skincare products out here.



    takakos closet

    Hi,I’m oden-kun. I bring you a little happiness when you eat me.(wow!)


    and raaaaaaps!!!!!!!!

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    Kit Kat lover

    takakos closet

    Kit Kat’s new flavor “caramel” is here!
    It stays in my bag these days – it will only be in season for so long.


    KIT KAT(Japan)

    Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

    takakos closet

    I couldn’t refuse to buy it. it’s a limited edition.
    only you can get in Seibu department stores or Sogo department stores.

    Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

    Seibu department stores
    Sogo department stores

    challenge and built the theremin!

    otona no kagaku theremin

    “The theremin” is the electronic musical instrument invented by Russian inventor in the 1920s. The building kits of this theremin including a circuit board and a box came out on the market recently and I tried to build it.

    theremin kit

    The kit came with a book called “Science magazine for adults vol.17″ published by an educational publishing company and it is easy enough for even girls to build.


    This instrument is played by moving your hands closer to the antennas or away from the antennas. It brings out the feel of nostalgia and kawaii and is popular with some girls in Japan. In fact a theremin which looks like a Russian Matryoshka doll called “Matryomin” has been released.
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